Flocath Quick Female

A sterile saline solution for coating activation and a protective catheter sleeve to enable the catheter to be inserted without touching it are provided within the packaging. The sleeve also helps to extend the catheter at the funnel end while emptying the bladder. Each kit contains latex free gloves, underpad, pvp and bzk towelette, gauze and refuse bag for disposal. Single use, sterile.

Catheter Features

Includes introducer tip, drainage bag, insertion supplies, and pre-lubricated catheter.

Rusch FloCath Quick

Catheter Size & Item #

6fr 221500060
8fr 221500080
10fr 221500100
12fr 221500120
14fr 221500140
16fr 221500160

Also available in male length.

Pricing & Information

You may have little or no out of pocket cost depending on your insurance coverage. Call us today to verify your catheter coverage!

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How to Prepare to Use a Rusch Flocath Quick Kit

How to Prepare to Use a Rusch Flocath Quick Kit

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Rusch Flocath Quick Female Catheter Kit

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