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Chicago Premiere of THE MOVEMENT benefits Adaptive Adventures

by Kier April 20, 2012 12:39

Adaptive Adventures is a non-profit organization that creates life-changing opportunities for people with physical disabilities. Through programs like kayaking, wake boarding, skiing, and cycling Adaptive Adventures opens doors for people to get out experience sports despite their disabilities. 

In conjunction with Make a Hero production, Adaptive Adventures has a short film documentary called The Movement that they are inspiring the country with. This film tells the story of five people who faced incredible obstacles, found the inspiration to overcome them and became real everyday heroes. Through skiing, each has ultimately discovered or rediscovered the freedom of movement. The goal of the short film is to increase awareness, participation, and opportunity in adaptive sports across the country. 

The film is narrated by Robert Redford and Warren Miller and features adaptive sport athletes like Matt Feeney and Chris Waddell. View the trailer below.

180 Medical was proud to help sponsor this premiere to support Adaptive Adventures and all of the opportunities they are making available for those with physical disabilities. The premiere was Thursday, April 19 in Skokie, IL at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts. The night started with an All Abilities Sports Expo which encouraged people of all abilities to learn more about skiing, kayaking, cycling, and waterskiing from an "adaptive" perspective. The screening of The Movement followed by a Q&A session with Kurt Miller and film participant Matt Feeney.

Right: Matt Feeney is shown with Gretchen from 180 Medical at the event.

Reeve Foundation Shares Todd Brown's Success Story

by Kier January 10, 2012 10:56
Last August the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation chose our Founder & CEO, Todd Brown, as their next success story highlighting lives of those with paralysis who have risen above the struggles. The series includes videos on other inspirational people like Jesse Billauer from Life Rolls On, Scott Chesney, and Bob Yant from Cure Medical - just to name a few. View the video below which tells about how Todd was injured and how he and his family adjusted to his new life in a wheelchair.

View the blog post about the video shoot from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation blog here.

180 Medical is one of America's fastest growing nationally accredited providers of sterile-use catheters, urologic, and disposable medical supplies. 180 Medical is used as a referral source for some of the top rehabilitation facilities, pediatric hospitals and urologists in the world because of their extensive knowledge and customer care. The company has offices across the country and their products are covered by thousands of health plans, insurance networks, and state Medicaid programs. 

Why are we called 180 Medical?

by Kier October 6, 2011 12:21
One of the questions we hear from time to time is "Why are you named 180 Medical?" or "What does 180 Medical mean?". If you have been wondering too, here's your answer!

After our founder, Todd Brown, had a motocross accident and tried to get used to life with a spinal cord injury, he had a lot of trouble adjusting because he had recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs) that we almost too much to handle. In the first seven months after rehab, Todd got seven UTIs. 

He knew there had to be a better way. At a wheelchair race he met some friends, also in chairs, that had some life-changing advice. Todd learned that insurance covered his catheter supplies and he didn't have to reuse catheters. He also was introduced to the closed system catheter.

Closed system catheters allow secure, discreet catheterization and has an added safety feature called an introducer or insertion tip. The introducer tip allows the pre-lubricated catheter to bypass the highest concentrations of bacteria located in the first few millimeters of the urethra, significantly reducing the risk of infection.

180 MedicalThis advice and new-found product turned his life around, or did a "180". He stopped getting the UTIs he once got and started feeling better and was able to get on with his life. Todd's whole purpose of starting 180 Medical was to help others like him get the catheter supplies and information they need to stay healthy so they didn't have to go through what he did.

Now years later, Todd and his 180 Medical team has helped thousands of people receive their catheter supplies and educates them on UTI prevention

RISE Adventures

by RobRoddy September 27, 2011 18:36
I had a blast in Grapevine, TX, this past weekend participating in RISE Adventure's End of Summer bash. It is so great to have such wonderful organizations to help give people an opportunity to try adaptive sports. 

This event had a wide variety of activites going on like camping, fishing, golf, hand cycling, air rifles, archery, jet skiing, kayaking, boating, photography, rugby, sailing, tubing, scuba, swimming, water skiing, basketball, sled hockey, fencing, track & field, pony rides, and much more. 

I got the opportunity to waterski and tube. It was a great time and I got to meet a lot of new and old friends. 

Rise Adventures Event 2011

 If you're in the North Texas area, make sure to check out RISE Adventures. They are a great group of people providing a lot of opportunities for those with disabilities to get active and stay active.

Triangle Society of Urologic Nurses Association (SUNA)

by Kier September 27, 2011 11:30
To do our part in supporting urologic healthcare professionals and their efforts to support our patients, we helped sponsor an event for a chapter of the Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates, the Triangle chapter of SUNA.

Triangle SUNA

The event was filled with educational sessions from Dr. Ross Houser, Triangle Urology Associates; Heather Schultz, NP, UNC Chapel Hill; Dr. Gregory Murphy, Eastern Urological Associates; Dr. Angela Smith, UNC Chapel Hill; and Mr. William Darden. 


The Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates (SUNA) is a national association with over 3,000 members across the country. There are over 40 chapters in the US. It is a professional organization that provides top-quality education programs and learn the latest practice innovations and be able to connect with others.
Images: Triangle SUNA & SUNA