180 Medical’s 100 Day Water Challenge

180 Medical employees have begun a water challenge to focus even more on our health. Learn more about the challenge as well as the benefits of drinking more water and eliminating sugary drinks and caffeine with our latest blog.

10 Ways to Carry Your Catheter Supplies Discreetly

While there’s no shame in having to use catheters, it’s understandable to want to carry your catheters as covertly as possible. Learn more about some tried and true options for toting your catheter supplies during the day with our latest blog.

What Type of Ostomy Wafer is Right for You?

There are many ostomy pouches, accessories, and other products on the market. A wafer, or skin barrier, is a big part of your ostomy system and can make a big difference in your ostomy experience. Learn more about the available types and what might be right for your individual needs with our latest blog.