The Importance of Seeing a Urologist

If you use catheters or live with a spinal cord injury, it may be a good idea for you to see a urological specialist at least once a year. Learn why this is crucial, as well as potential risk factors for bladder conditions, in our latest blog.

8 Tips for Adapting After a Spinal Cord Injury

Bill, one of our long-time employees who has lived with a spinal cord injury for nearly three decades, share his advice and tips for those new to life as a person with a spinal cord injury. Find out more and get resources with his latest blog.

Advanced Catheter Requirements With Medicare

Are you experiencing frequent urinary tract infections even through you are practicing sterile use self-catheterization? Learn more about what documentation Medicare requires in order to approve advanced catheter products that can further reduce the recurrence of UTIs.

Adaptive Kayaking

Learn more about one of our employee’s personal experiences with adaptive kayaking, a fun outdoor sport that can be experienced even with physical disabilities/limitations.

Catheterizing in Public Restrooms

Are you new to self-catheterization and feeling a little nervous about transitioning to self-cathing in a public restroom when you’re on the go? Get some helpful tips from a catheter user on staff.

My Story by Bill F.

Bill, an employee at 180 Medical, shares the story of his spinal cord injury, what it’s like to live as a quadriplegic, and more.