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180 Medical Takes Steps for ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk

by Jessica June 15 2016 08:36
Last weekend in Portland, OR, ZERO Prostate Cancer held one of their Run/Walk events at Elizabeth Caruthers Park. When they can, our employees love a chance to get out in their respective communities and give back. So not only did we sponsor the event, but our 180 Medical employees in the local area jumped on board to attend and participate in this great cause, which is close to our hearts because so many of our customers have been affected by prostate cancer. In fact, according to the statistics provided by ZERO, one in eight American men will have prostate cancer in their lifetime. 

zero prostate walk run portland 2016
It was a beautiful, sunny day in the Pacific Northwest, and our employees Kelly, Breena, Julio, and Jesse all had a great time getting out in the fresh air to walk, run, and have some fun with everyone, all united in a single cause to end prostate cancer. ZERO is a national nonprofit organization that works to find a cure for prostate cancer as well as offer education and support to affected men and their families.

zero prostate cancer walk run collage 2
Many prostate cancer survivors were in attendance, and a few of them talked about their personal stories. There were fun activities, and even a children's race, where every one of them got a superhero cape at the end. All in all, it was a really amazing day, and we're proud of our employees who got to take part in the event.

To find out more about ZERO and find out ways that you, too, can help end prostate cancer, learn more at:

About the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for 7 years. Her current job title is Purchasing & Marketing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company. She loves writing, playing music, creating art, and spending quality time with her dogs, friends, & family.

Thundering Up at 180 Medical

by Jessica May 6 2016 08:31
It's another season of celebrating our 180 Medical headquarters' home team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and their successes during NBA play-offs time. Each year, we all love to go big and show our support in a fun way at work.

nba thunder up collage 1
Our employees really went all out this year, dreaming up fun themes and decorating in the Thunder's colors, orange and blue, all around their work areas, desks, offices, and even the hallways of 180 Medical. We thought you might like to see a few of the pictures that show our love for the Oklahoma City Thunder team!

nba thunder up collage 2
While we here at 180 Medical make sure to work hard and take care of our customers, we also like to make time to have a little fun, and that's just one of the many reasons why 180 Medical has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma for six years! 

Interested in becoming a part of the 180 Medical family? Check out some of the open positions for which we're hiring and apply at:

About the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for 7 years. Her current job title is Purchasing & Marketing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company. She loves writing, playing music, creating art, and spending quality time with her dogs, friends, & family.

180 Medical Takes Part in 8th Annual OKASA Wheelchair Basketball Tournament

by Jessica April 29 2016 19:42
180 Medical recently had the privilege of sponsoring and participating in the OKASA (Oklahoma Adaptive Sports Association) Annual Wheelchair Basketball Tournament. This fun event took place at Oklahoma City University's Freede Wellness Center Thursday evening, April 28th, 2016, and it was our 6th consecutive year to have a team of our own play against the Oklahoma Blaze, along with teams of physicians from OU Medicine.

We had a record number of employees turn up to give support and cheer on all the great teams. As always, it was so great to meet each other's families and take some time to have some fun outside of the workplace all together. There were some tasty snacks, a silent auction, mascots, an amazing drum-line, and more. 

180 medical wheelchair basketball okasa
Our team gave it their best shot and made some baskets, but we are just no match for the skilled athletes of The Blaze, who ended up winning the game! Still, we all had an absolute blast, and it was exciting to get to see everyone in action on the court. We are always honored to be a part of this fantastic event, which helps to raise funds to support disabled athletes.

180 medical wheelchair basketball okasa 2

About OKASA: The Oklahoma Adaptive Sports Association, formerly known as GODSA (the Greater Oklahoma Disabled Sports Association) is an organization that supports recreational and athletic activities for adults and children with disabilities. These events include such sports as wheelchair basketball, track and field, swimming, table tennis, and competitive weight-lifting. The organization promotes health and fitness and teaches lifelong skills such as team effort, good sportsmanship, setting goals, commitment, and responsibility. Learn more at their official website or connect with their wheelchair basketball, the Oklahoma Blaze, at their Facebook page or Twitter.

About the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for nearly 7 years. Her current job title is Purchasing & Marketing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company! She loves writing, playing music, creating art, and spending quality time with her dogs, friends & family.

OKASA Wheelchair Basketball Tournament

by Jessica April 15 2016 19:01
We here at 180 Medical are getting revved up and ready for one of our favorite annual events to support and attend: the OKASA (Oklahoma Adaptive Sports Association, formerly known as GODSA) Wheelchair Basketball Tournament. Each year, we like to get a big group together, bring along our family and friends, and attend this fun tournament, where we get to watch the Oklahoma City Blaze get into the action! 

This year's 8th annual tournament, which will be held at Oklahoma City University's Freede Wellness Center on April 28th, 2016, helps to raise funds to support disabled athletes. This makes it our sixth consecutive year to join forces with OU Physicians to support this great event, and we have even formed a team of our own -- for better, for worse!

Do you think we stand a chance to win against the fantastic players of The Blaze? Come and witness the action go down, when our game starts at 7:25 p.m. that evening. We'd love to see you there! 

okasa wheelchair basketball tournament 180 medical

About the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for nearly 7 years. Her current job title is Purchasing & Marketing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company! She loves writing, playing music, creating art, and spending quality time with her dogs, friends & family.

180 Medical's Annual Biggest Loser Competition is Underway

by Jessica February 17 2016 08:26
The turn of the new year is when many people make resolutions to achieve their personal goals, and weight loss is often on those lists of resolutions. So each year, 180 Medical hosts a weight-loss competition for any employee who wants to join in and take part. It's a fun and positive way to encourage employees to stay healthy and get fit. We've got a great participation this year with 63 people competing for the title of 180's "Biggest Loser," which will be determined by the total percentage of weight lost over 8 weeks. Our last weigh-in is just under a month away now, so the heat is on!

biggest loser 180 medical 2016

It's exciting to see everyone work to support each other by sharing healthy recipes, holding each other accountable on daily workouts, and encouraging the group. Every day, our on-site workout facility is staying full of our employees who are committing to a healthy lifestyle.

pounds lost 2015
Once the competition is over, no matter who the winner...or "biggest loser", it won't be hard for everyone to keep up that hard-earned weight loss year round at 180 Medical, voted one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma for multiple years, with an on-site gym (complete with cardio machines, weight machines, and free weights) and healthy snacks like fresh fruit and raw almonds stocked in our office break rooms. 

This annual competition is just one of the fun things we get to do at 180 Medical. Interested in having a job you love? Check out available careers at 180 Medical.

About the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for 6 years and currently works as Purchasing & Marketing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company! She loves writing, music, art, and & spending time with her dogs, friends & family.

Does It Matter What Brand of Catheter You Use?

by Jessica November 10 2015 11:57
For some, the topic of catheters can seem overwhelming, especially for individuals who are new to learning to self-cath. Whether you'll be using intermittent catheters temporarily or on a long-term basis, you’ll be surprised by how simple the process can be once you’re familiar with it. Don’t get too overwhelmed by all the information out there, and know that you are not alone when it comes to catheterization. Plenty of people every day begin to self-cath and are becoming more comfortable with it as they go. Just take it one day at a time.

gentlecath closedOne point of confusion about catheters that our customers sometimes encounter is trying to figure out which particular product to use. While your doctor will serve as a great resource in determining what type of catheter is best for you to use, there are some decisions you can make on your own, such as what brand of catheter to buy. 

So, does it really matter what brand of catheter you use? There are some product differences from brand to brand, but when you get your catheter supply from a reliable source, you can feel comfortable in knowing you’ll be taken care of. Reputable and well-known medical supply companies such as 180 Medical carry a wide selection of quality products from all of the top brands today, so you can rest assured that you’ll find the right product for your needs. 

Even so, there are leading brands in the industry with which you might want to be familiar: Bard, Coloplast, GentleCath, HollisterMTG, Rochester, Rusch, LoFric, Cure, and Hi-Slip, just to name a few.


180 Medical is proud to carry a wide array of products from these well-known brands and many others. When you order your intermittent catheters from 180 Medical, you can be sure you're receiving a quality product. Adjusting to life with a catheter can take time, so it's our goal to make the process of purchasing them as easy and convenient as possible. We have one-of-a-kind instructional materials available as well, which can help you see and understand the self-cathing procedures with step-by-step catheterization instructions in print and on DVD. We have material available for men, women, girls, and boys. We also have catheter users on staff who can share their experiences and tips.

Contact us today to discuss your options and find the right brand for your needs!

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180 Medical 2015 College Scholarship Recipients: Spotlight on Erin

by Jessica October 14 2015 12:22
As of August, we announced all of our 2015 College Scholarship recipients. We had a large and amazing group of applicants, so it was difficult to narrow down to our final seven recipients. We are honored to be a part of helping students achieve their dreams. As the fall semester progresses, we will continue to feature our individual scholarship recipients, so be sure to sign up for the newsletter to get notified when new blog posts are published. Previously, we've featured Mallory and Mary Beth. Today, meet Erin! 

erin kavanagh scholarship 2015
Erin has been accepted to Carnegie Mellon University and as of this fall, she is on her way to a Pre-Med degree so she can become a doctor someday. She has overcome adversity since birth, having undergone 18 surgeries and experienced all forms of physical tests, etc. But Erin took this more as a challenge to learn. She became fascinated with the medical terminology and procedures. "I treated visits to the hospital as an adventure," Erin says. "Instead of seeing tests and operations as something to dread, I occupied myself with learning the specifics of the procedure they were going to perform on me."
erin k

She has worked hard to achieve such honors as a National Latin Exam Magna Cum Laude certificate, member of the National Honors Society, New England Journalism Award for Best News Article, placing 1st in state with Junior Engineering Technology Society (JETS), and more. She has also volunteered at various events and served as President of her high school's symphonic orchestra and Treasurer of the Art Team. 

It's inspiring to see such a promising young student like Erin as she gets the proper training to become a doctor at Carnegie Mellon University, and we're happy to be able to contribute in part to her dreams. 

We are honored to offer an annual scholarship program to help those with spinal cord injuries, spina bifida, transverse myelitis, ostomies (ileostomy, urostomy, and/or colostomy), and/or neurogenic bladder. We know paying for college isn't easy these days, and we also understand that there can often be extra financial difficulties for aspiring students who live with these conditions. To learn more about 180 Medical's annual scholarship, visit

About the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for 6 years and currently works as Purchasing & Marketing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company! She loves writing, music, art, and & spending time with her dogs, friends & family.

4 Things to Look For When You Need Female Catheters

by Jessica October 1 2015 17:53
Whether you have just been instructed to start using intermittent catheters or you’ve been using them for years, it’s understandably pretty tough to find the right female catheter supplier who meets all of your needs. There are many catheter suppliers out there making big claims about what they have to offer, but not all are equal in terms of giving you unparalleled service on all fronts. Here are some things to look for as you seek out the right company for your intermittent catheter supply needs.

1. Personalized, superior customer service.

Your time is valuable, and your medical needs should be a top priority to a supplier. Look for companies that deliver unparalleled customer service. Instead of long hold times or automated menus, a company that cares about your needs will deliver a quick response time from a live person when you call customer support or access live chat on their website.  When you speak with someone, you should be treated as more than just another number. Good supply companies will have knowledgeable representatives who really listen, understand your needs, and help find the right intermittent female catheter for you, based on your prescription, lifestyle, preferences and prior experiences.  

2. Specialization in catheters.

180 medical 100 satisfaction guaranteeThere are lots of medical supply companies out there, but not all of them focus specifically on catheters. Companies that deal with all kinds of medical supplies may seem like a convenient option, but their brand and product availability may be limited, and their staff may not be very well-educated on what type of catheter might be best for your needs. 180 Medical, however, specializes only in intermittent catheters and ostomy products, so they carry all major brands and types, and their trained staff is educated about the product lines they offer and the advantages of each. With employees on staff who are also catheter-users, this particular company can provide firsthand guidance and information on purchasing and using catheters that other companies may not be able to do.

3. Direct Shipping.

Why inconvenience yourself by having to pick up supplies from a pharmacy or paying for shipping each time you order, when you can get your catheter supply delivered directly to your doorstep for free? This not only saves you time and money, it also protects your privacy. A good online female catheter outlet can ship the exact product you need quickly with no hassle.

4. They take care of the paperwork for you.

You’re already dealing with enough in your life. There’s no need to act as the middle man between your doctor’s office and your catheter supplier or have to figure out all the insurance paperwork for billing. Look for a company that can communicate directly with your physician for any needed documentation and bill your insurance for you.

180 Medical can do all this and more for you. Contact us today 
at (877) 688-2729.

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What to Know About Rusch Catheters

by Jessica September 22 2015 21:04
Rusch catheters are one of the many established and trusted name-brand catheters that 180 Medical carries in their inventory.  Before you order or use any catheter, it's important to make sure you know everything you need to in order to ensure safety and effectiveness. Here are the basics to think about before choosing a catheter:

  1. Only use a catheter when recommended by your doctor and with proper training – Even though they are frequently used in the home environment, catheters are medical devices and must be used carefully. Only use a catheter when your doctor has recommended it. If your doctor recommends that you discontinue, do not keep using it. Most importantly, catheters should be inserted only by those with the proper training, which means that you will need assistance with them until you have been properly taught. The good news is that you can be shown by the nurse or doctor and can learn how to cath very quickly. 

  2. Make sure you're choosing the right product – No brand is exactly like another. Ask your doctor for their recommendation on what sort of catheter is most appropriate for your particular needs. 180 Medical carries a wide selection of intermittent catheters from all of the most quality brands on the market today, washing hands and Rusch also has a varied line of catheters to give plenty of options. This is good to know, because not every product is going to work for everyone and their specific needs. Ask your doctor for their recommendation on what sort of catheter is appropriate in your particular case. You will also want to get the correct length of catheter, which will be based on whether you are male or female, and the dimensions of your particular body. Females may sometimes prefer male length for more room to grip the catheter, which is also perfectly fine. 

  3. Ensure proper insertion – All intermittent catheters are sterile and in packaging, but you may want to clean the area surrounding your urethra to minimize the amount of bacteria and lessen the risk of infection. Depending on the type of catheter you get, you may need to lubricate it for the smoothest insertion. Regular straight catheters may require this, while pre-lubricated, closed system, and hydrophilic catheters will not. Without lubrication, insertion can be painful and even cause damage and irritation to your urethra. This also increases the risk of infection, so having a properly lubricated catheter is a must. After the bladder has been emptied, the catheter should be removed, thrown away, and the area cleaned again. You should always wash your hands thoroughly both before and after the catheterization process.

 If you have any other questions or concerns, talk to your doctor or contact us at 180 Medical! We have the expertise to help you find the right catheter for your needs!

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Adaptive Kayaking

by billf September 18 2015 08:08
My name is Bill, and I have worked for 180 Medical for over 10 years. bill f 180 medicalAbout 26 years ago, I was involved in a motocross accident that rendered me quadriplegic. You can learn more about my story here. Over the years since then, I've been able to help and counsel others who are also dealing with life after a spinal cord injury. I am happiest when I am helping others, and these days at 180 Medical, I spend a lot of time just talking to our customers on the phone who are new to catheterizing.

I live in Oklahoma City, and I feel fortunate to live here, because we have a lot of wonderful organizations that work hard to provide fun events and opportunities for people are physically-challenged.  

I'm always up for trying new activities, and kayaking is the latest endeavor that I've really enjoyed participating in. This free-of-charge program is put on by OKC RIVERSPORT through a partnership with INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation. The location is on the Oklahoma River in downtown Oklahoma City. It is free of charge and available to adults (and their caregivers) ages 18+ with physical and visual disabilities.  No experience is necessary, although there is a waiver that must be filled out before being allowed to participate. You do not have to be able to swim, but you must feel comfortable in the water. I do believe that you have to be able to turn yourself over if you are face down in the water while wearing a personal flotation device (life-jacket).  

The kayaks are designed to accommodate a wide range of disabilities. For someone like myself who is a C-5,6 quadriplegic, the kayak is equipped with a special seat that has a higher back with lateral supports to keep me from falling over since I have very little trunk control. I also sit on a cushion to prevent skin breakdown from prolonged pressure. The kayak has outriggers attached to both sides which make it virtually impossible to turn over.  They also have special paddles with wrist cuffs and other adaptations that allow me to grip the paddle since my hands are nonfunctioning.  They provide life-jackets as well as all of the other needed equipment.

bill adaptive kayaking 180 medicalOn my first time there, we were able to get the paddles adjusted to my liking, and in just a short amount of time, I was ready to go! Two volunteers lifted me from my wheelchair into the kayak.  They will provide you with as much assistance as you need.  You even have a volunteer that is near you the entire time while you are on the water just in case you run into any problems. The first time I went out, I admit I was a little nervous on how stable the boat would be, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was very stable, and I let go of my fear about tipping over. It was a great feeling to be out of the wheelchair and free on the open water. It did not take very long to figure out how to paddle decently and before I knew it I was cruising right along.  

One thing I will say is it is good exercise. I found myself getting winded sooner than expected. After about an hour, I had pretty much worn myself out and was ready to come back to the dock.  When you are finished, volunteers are there to assist you in getting back into your wheelchair if you require one.  Since I have been participating in this fun activity, I have gotten to meet people there -- some with visual disabilities, amputees, and varying levels of spinal cord injuries. There is a young man that is a higher level quadriplegic than myself.  They have a special modification for him that actually holds the paddle on a bar that comes up between his legs so all he has to do is connect his hands to the paddle and rotate the paddle into the water.  I can see the joy in his face every time he goes out, because this has just opened up a new world for him.  

A great website that offers all of the modifications for the kayaks is  They may be able to assist you in finding a program in your local area.  You might also try to contact your local rehabilitation center, associations, support groups, or other resources specific to your condition.  Some of the other activities available in my area include adaptive waterskiing and sailing.  Then get out there and have some fun!  

Did you know September is Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month? Learn more.
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bill bio pic 180 medical employee
Bill has worked for 180 Medical for over 10 years. He loves getting to talk to our customers, sharing his first-hand experiences as a quadriplegic, and helping those with in-depth questions about self-catheterization. He enjoys spending time outdoors, as well as watching and attending motocross events. Learn more about Bill's story.