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Our Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017

by Jessica December 29 2017 14:36
180 medical's top 10 most popular blog posts of 2017

2017 has been a wonderful year for 180 Medical, and we certainly hope it's been a year of good health and fun for you too!

We posted a lot of blogs over the year, including topics like the latest catheter and ostomy product news, fun company happenings and charitable events in our community, in-depth looks at our inspiring 2017 Scholarship Program recipients, and as always, helpful and informative posts related to intermittent catheters, ostomy supplies, and more.

While we look forward ahead to all the great things coming in 2018, we've compiled this list of 180 Medical's ten most popular blog posts from 2017!

top blogs of 2017 10top blogs of 2017 10 Steps to Receiving Your Ostomy Supplies
If you are about to undergo or have recently had an ostomy surgery (whether ileostomy, urostomy, or colostomy), you're probably looking for some of the most concise, helpful basics about how to start getting the ostomy products and accessories that you will need. From getting the right fit and the necessary supplies for your individual needs to getting your very first shipment, 180 Medical is here to help and support you the whole way!

top blogs of 2017 9Why Do I Need to Use Coudé Catheters?
If you've been advised by your doctor that you need to use a curved tip or coudé catheter, you might be wondering what this kind of urinary catheter is for and why you need to use this type rather than the standard straight tip. This blog post sums up everything you need to know about what coudé catheters are, what they're used for, factors or conditions that contribute to the need to use a coudé tip instead of a straight tip catheter, as well as information on how to insert and use a coudé catheter.

top blogs of 2017 8Determined Spirit: Jen Goodwin's Story of Life After Her Spinal Cord Injury
We are honored by being able to feature some of our customers on our blog along with their unique stories, and when you read Jen's story, you can see why she is such a delight to speak with, as well as a true inspiration to all who know her. Jen could have chosen to give up after an accident left her quadriplegic. Instead, she decided to set her sights high and began achieving her goals, one after the other. A lot of readers, including everyone at 180 Medical, were awed by Jen and her incredible story.

top blogs of 2017 7Tips for Preventing the Risk of UTIs When Cathing
UTIs (urinary tract infections) are not all that uncommon to people who use catheters. Find out more about some of the most common symptoms of UTIs, some risk factors, as well as the best ways to prevent the recurrence of infections.

top blogs of 2017 6Bladder Cancer: Symptoms and Risk Factors
Did you know that bladder cancer is the 5th most commonly diagnosed cancer in the USA? It's important to know some of the potential causes/risks as well as symptoms. The sooner bladder cancer can be diagnosed, the sooner treatment and recovery can begin.

top blogs of 2017 5Tips for Holiday Travel When You Have Urinary Incontinence
Traveling around the busy holidays, whether by car or plane, can be stressful enough without also dealing with urinary incontinence. We've got the tips to help you navigate traveling, whether by car or plane, including TSA regulations for carry-on luggage, helpful smartphone apps to find public bathrooms, and other helpful information.

top blogs of 2017 4Beating Spinal Cord Injury One Day at a Time: Mason Ellis's Story
Since a car accident in Mason's senior year of high school left him quadriplegic, he has been determined to beat his injury. He has become an inspiration to many through his determination and sincere desire to connect with others and help them. Find out all about what he does now to help others, including starting up his own successful YouTube channel to help others with spinal cord injuries and limited mobility accomplish tasks like dressing, dealing with spasms, self-cathing, and more.

top blogs of 2017 3Top 10 Reasons to Work at 180 Medical
180 Medical has been voted one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma (based on employee's anonymous feedback) for eight years for many reasons. If you're seeking a career with a company that devotes itself to core values like compassion and integrity where you can truly make a difference, check out some of the top reasons to apply at 180 Medical.

top blogs of 2017 2What are the Basics of Clean Intermittent Catheterization?
Intermittent catheterization doesn't sound fun or easy when you're brand new to it, but with the right information and instructions at hand, you can become a seasoned pro at self-cathing. Check out our helpful post on the basics of what intermittent urinary catheters and the process of cathing is all about.

top blogs of 2017 1Pocket Catheters 101
Pocket catheters are all the buzz in the cathing world this year, and we suspect the trend for discreet, travel-ready catheters will continue as more people find out about these handy urinary catheter options. Find out all about what pocket catheters are and why they are both popular and beneficial for many catheter-users, and take a look at a few of the many options available at 180 Medical.

Thank you for reading our blog! We at 180 Medical wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy new year to come, and we hope you'll join us for all the informative and interesting posts in 2018.

About the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for 8 years and is the Purchasing & Marketing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for a company that truly cares both for its employees and its customers.


180 Medical Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary

by Jessica August 25 2017 13:42
180 medical 15th anniversary

Food truck treats, an ice cream social, a decoration contest...these are just a few of the many fun ways we here at 180 Medical are celebrating the week leading up to our 15th corporate anniversary on August 27th. It's been a great week so far as we take time to look back on our company's rich history as well as look forward to what else is on the horizon in future years to come.

Looking Back at 180 Medical's History

todd brown founder of 180 medicalSome of you may already know about our founder, Todd Brown, and his incredible story. After a motocross accident, Todd was left paralyzed from the chest down. He had to learn to navigate the world as a new paraplegic, and armed with only some red rubber catheters to wash and reuse, he also had to fight against recurrent UTIs (urinary tract infections). There weren't a lot of helpful resources for him when it came to his medical supply needs. The companies he dealt with often had staff that weren't all that knowledgeable about the products they carried, and he felt like just a number to them rather than a customer who mattered. Armed with his experience and his business knowledge, he decided he would create a medical supply company that could truly make a difference for others in similar situations.

When he set out at the beginning, he knew it would be a challenge. At first, Todd was the sole territory representative, and the company's first warehouse was located in the garage of his home. Today, 180 Medical has grown to become one of the largest nationally-accredited providers of sterile use intermittent catheters, related urologic supplies, and ostomy products. We have representatives and locations across the country, and our corporate headquarters in Oklahoma City has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma for the 8th year as of 2017.

Of course, none of this would be possible without Todd's strong vision for his company.

The 180 Way Every Day

At the onset, fifteen years ago, Todd decided to lay a foundation upon which to build the company. That foundation is our mission statement which is "supplying the products that turn your life around." We uphold that mission statement every day by following a set of values that we call "The 180 Way." 

180 medical specialists 180 way
We make sure our staff is fully trained and truly deserving of the title "specialist," so our customers can feel confident knowing the friendly person on the other end of the phone line understands their needs, their condition, and their product options that may work best for their individual situation.

180 medical compassion 180 way
We understand that the people we supply may be going through hard times or difficult transitions post-diagnosis as they learn to adapt to using catheters and/or ostomy supplies. In every interaction, 180 Medical treats every customer as if they are a member of our own family and offers them a listening ear. Simply put, we truly care!

180 medical integrity 180 way
Even when it takes more time and effort on our part, we do what's right every time. Because of our dedication to following the strictest guidelines, we are nationally accredited with the ACHC, and we have a grade of A+ with the Better Business Bureau. We also won the BBB Torch Award for Ethics in 2016.

180 medical education 180 way
We make it a point to be an available source of knowledge to our customers. 180 Medical offers informative learning material in colorful step-by-step booklets, DVDs, blog posts, and social media posts, and we even have our own unique program just for kids called the 180 Medical Kids Club to help children who are learning how to cath for the first time. 

180 medical customer service 180 way
Service is at the heart of the 180 Way. We think of our customers first, and that's why we go the extra mile to make sure their supply needs are taken care of.

180 medical employees group picture 2017

 We believe that the 180 Way is also a big part of why our company thrives internally as well. 180 Medical fosters a positive, cooperative work environment where team members can grow and learn and truly look forward to coming to work every day. 

Thank You for a Great 15 Years So Far

Although 180 Medical has grown quite a bit from its humble but ambitious beginnings back in 2002, our mission and our heart remains the same. While we continue to grow and constantly work to improve, we absolutely have to say a special "thank you" to our wonderful customers and all of the hard-working, compassionate healthcare professionals that we are truly blessed to be able to work with and serve.

Here's to many more years of being one of the most reliable medical supply providers in the nation!

180 medical jobs

About the Author:
Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for 8 years. Her current job title is Purchasing & Marketing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company.

180 Medical Product News: Introducing GentleCath Pro Catheters

by Jessica February 22 2016 12:10
180 medical product news
Interested in keeping up with the latest catheter and ostomy products available on the market? 180 Medical is always ready to share the scoop on the newest supplies with you, and today, we'd like to introduce you to ConvaTec's new line of GentleCath™ Pro Closed-System Intermittent Catheters. 

What are the features of the GentleCath™ Pro?

gentlecath pro catheter componentsThe GentleCath™ Pro Closed-System was designed to minimize risk of infection and allow easier and more sterile catheterization. The system has an introducer tip as well as an all-in-one collection bag, which allows for "no touch" catheterization in a more portable system that is convenient for use both at home or away from home and traveling. Because you only touch the system's outer collection bag, not the catheter tube itself, this helps to reduce the risk of infection that can sometimes occur when bacteria from hands transfers to the catheter.

Breakdown of the main features:
  • Collection bag which allows you to measure and see the amount of urine drained
  • Portable system allows for easy catheterization away from home or when a restroom is not easily accessible
  • Pre-lubricated introducer tip, which allows the catheter itself to bypass the first few millimeters of the urethra, where bacteria is most highly concentrated
  • Also includes an underpad, gloves, non-staining antiseptic pad, and additional lubricating jelly

How do I use the GentleCath™ Pro?

For more information regarding how to catheterize, feel free to call one of our trained specialists so we can walk you through the process. 180 Medical also has one-of-a-kind catheterization instruction materials that we can send to you with your order, including a step-by-step DVD and printed color brochures.

Which GentleCath™ Products Does 180 Medical Carry?

180 Medical proudly carries GentleCath's entire product line, including their 100% latex-free PVC (vinyl) intermittent catheters, red rubber catheters, hydrophilic catheters, closed-system catheters, and catheter kits, all of which are available with both straight and coude tip options.

How Can I Find a Catheter That's Right for Me?

Just contact 180 Medical by filling out our online inquiry form, connecting to us via Live Chat, or giving us a call at 1-877-688-2729 to speak to one of our trained, friendly specialists. We are happy to find the right catheter for your needs, and we can verify your insurance to determine if and how these products are covered on your policy. 

catheter showcase footer

About the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for 6 years and currently works as Purchasing & Marketing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company! She loves writing, music, art, and & spending time with her dogs, friends & family.

180 Medical News: Introducing Our New Live Chat Feature

by Jessica May 15 2014 10:39
We are very excited to officially announce a brand new feature to 180 Medical's website!

We now have a Live Chat option to further assist you with your needs and questions, as we continue our dedication to giving you a the best customer service experience possible.

180 Medical live chat

You may have a pretty busy schedule ahead of you, and we understand that squeezing in a phone call in the middle of your day isn't always the easiest option. For many working people, the phone may not be the most convenient mode of contacting us during our business hours.

Now there's another option available for you, all at the convenience of the nearest computer with an internet connection!

Whether you just want to inquire about setting up an account and receiving supplies from 180 Medical or if you are already an existing customer, you can use this chat for many options during business hours to connect with one of our Client Specialists.

  • Track your orders;
  • Confirm upcoming shipments;
  • Update your address, phone numbers, or other contact information;
  • Get help in finding a specific resource on our website;
  • Request information;
  • and more!

As soon as you go to our website, you'll see a "Live Chat" button in the bottom right hand corner.

180 medical website feature live online chat

Simply click on this button to access our pop-up Live Chat to connect with an available specialist and begin your inquiry!

As we continue to improve our already incredible customer service experience, we're very proud to begin offering you this easy alternative to contacting us by email or phone. Give it a try today and connect with one of our trained, friendly specialists in real time!

180 medical jessAbout the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for 5 years and currently holds the title of Purchasing & Marketing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company.

180 Medical Product News: Introducing Hollister Essentials

by Jessica May 1 2014 12:11
180 Medical Product News

Interested in keeping up with the latest catheters available on the market? 180 Medical is always ready to share the scoop on the newest products with you, and today, we'd like to introduce you to the recently released line from Hollister!

All About Hollister

The Essentials line is manufactured by Hollister, a global manufacturing company with a goal to provide top-quality products to improve the lives of those who use their supplies and to serve the needs of healthcare professionals as well. They currently provide products to over 90 countries, and the company was originally created in 1921. You can learn more about Hollister's mission and their history at their official website.

Features of the Hollister Essentials Intermittent Catheters

Essentials intermittent catheters are 100% latex-free medical-grade PVC and come in an easy-open package. Each catheter features fire-polished eyelets to create a smoother insertion and help minimize any trauma or irritation during catheterization. These eyelets are also offset to maximize flow of urine.

The catheters also feature an enhanced grip on the flexible color-coded funnel for easy handling. The Essentials line products are available in straight tip with lengths of 6 inches (female length) and 16 inches (male length) and in coudé tip (available in male length only).  

Take a look at the side by side comparison of the catheters here:

You can see an immediate difference in the funnel shape and size between the two. While the traditional line's funnel is smooth, the Essentials catheter funnel is more flexible and features an enhanced grip for easier handling.

The Essentials coudé catheter's funnel also features a guide notch to indicate the coudé tip's position during insertion.

Hollister Apogee Essentials catheter funnel guide strip notch

Which of these Essentials products does 180 Medical carry?

We are proud to carry the entire line of Hollister Essentials intermittent catheters.

Essentials coudé catheters are available in sizes from 8 Fr to 18 Fr.
Essentials straight tip intermittent catheters are available in female length (6 inches) from 8 Fr to 14 Fr, pediatric length (10 inches) from 6 Fr to 10 Fr, and male length (16 inches) from 6 Fr to 18 Fr.

If you're interested in trying out one of these Essentials catheters, contact 180 Medical by filling out our online inquiry or give us a call at 1-877-688-2729 to speak to one of our highly trained, friendly specialists.

About the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for 4 years and currently holds the title of Purchasing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company.

180 Medical Now Supplies Ostomy Products

by Jessica April 29 2014 16:02
Having a hard time finding a provider of medical supplies for your ostomy needs? If you're looking for a dependable, compassionate company that understands where you're coming from and what supplies you need, look no further than 180 Medical!

If you've heard of 180 Medical, you may already know that we are one of the top suppliers of intermittent catheters in the nation, and there's a reason for that. We consistently provide reliable service, and we aim to treat you and your needs as we would for a member of our own families.

We are now a proud supplier of ConvaTec's high-quality line of ostomy products, and we have a highly-trained group of Ostomy Specialists that help you find the right ostomy supplies for your needs, whether you have a colostomy, ileostomy, or a urostomy.

Our educated and compassionate staff will gladly:

  • discuss and help stabilize your current process for using ostomy products
  • explain your insurance coverage so you fully understand how your insurance will cover the products, and what, if any, out-of-pocket costs you may have
  • set you up on a regular shipping schedule so you don't have to worry about remembering to reorder
  • offer you a listening ear

180 medical ostomy testimonial

If you're ready to experience the 180 Medical difference, contact us today by filling out our online inquiry or give us a call at 1-877-688-2729 to speak to one of our highly trained, friendly specialists.

About the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for 4 years and currently holds the title of Purchasing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company.

Latest Intermittent Catheter Products: Introducing GentleCath

by Jessica March 27 2014 10:56

Have you heard about GentleCath intermittent catheters? We here at 180 Medical are always excited to share the latest and greatest products and information with our customers, so chances are you may have already talked to one of our friendly specialists about this quality brand and even gotten to experience these quality products for yourself!

What are some features of GentleCath products?

GentleCath is manufactured by ConvaTec, a worldwide medical product company. They manufacture quality items such as ostomy supplies, wound care, continence care, and more.

The GentleCath catheters all have polished, rounded eyelets and soft rounded tips to help minimize friction and make the catheterization experience more comfortable from insertion to withdrawal.

The latex-free vinyl catheters also feature color-coded funnels to help you determine French size. For more on how to determine French size based on the catheter funnel colors, see our informative article on Catheter French Sizes.

Whatever your lifestyle, GentleCath may have just the right intermittent catheter for your needs.

Which products does 180 Medical carry?

180 Medical is proud to be a provider of GentleCath's entire product line, including:
  • 100% latex-free PVC (vinyl) straight intermittent catheters, available in 16" male length (ranging in French size from 8fr to 18fr) and 8" female length (French sizes of 8fr to 16fr)
  • 100% latex-free PVC (vinyl) coude tip intermittent catheters -- available in 16" male length (French sizes from 8fr to 18fr). Recently updated, back, and better than ever with improved eyelet placement on sides!
  • Red rubber intermittent catheters in both straight and coude tip -- 16" male length (straight tip comes in French sizes from 10fr to 20fr and the coude tip comes in 12fr to 20fr)
And coming soon, GentleCath will add a top-quality line of hydrophilic catheters and hydrophilic catheter kits to their brand. More information on that to come!

How can I try out GentleCath's products and find the catheter that's right for me?

Simply contact 180 Medical by filling out our online inquiry or give us a call at 1-877-688-2729 to speak to one of our highly trained, friendly specialists. We will be happy to help!

Insurance Open Enrollment Has Begun!

by Jessica October 22 2013 12:59
health insurance enrollmentWith the new changes being implemented by the Affordable Care Act, you may already be looking to enroll in an insurance plan or change your existing insurance coverage. Or you may be somewhat in the dark about what this change means for you! 180 Medical wants to make sure you have the information you need to get the best coverage for your situation.

Open enrollment time for the Health Insurance Marketplace on began on October 1st and ends on March 31, 2014, and it will occur once a year going forward. During this window of time, those who are eligible can choose the health insurance that works best for their particular needs. You may be able to pick and choose among various options like monthly premium costs, deductibles, co-pays, and dropping or adding coverage. 

If you have Medicare or Medicaid, or if your employer chooses your insurance plan, or you are satisfied with your current insurance plan, you do not have to do or change anything.

Are you eligible and considering changing your current insurance provider? Before making a selection, ensure you will keep continued access to the best service available in today’s market and contact us! This way you check to see if 180 Medical participates in your new plan’s network. We are in network and accept many private insurance plans, along with Medicare and most Medicaid programs.

To learn more about Open Enrollment Period, please go to

180 medical jessAbout the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for 4 years and currently holds the title of Purchasing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company.

LoFric Catheters Change to POBE Material

by Jessica August 19 2013 09:03
Here at 180 Medical, we always want to make sure that each of our customers are well-educated on the products they use and if there are any changes to their supplies that may affect them.

As of July 2013, Wellspect Healthcare will be updating the material of their LoFric® straight hydrophilic intermittent catheters from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) to a cutting-edge new material called POBE (polyolefin-based elastomer), which is free of both PVC, softeners, latex, and DEHP.

The primary benefit for you is that POBE-based catheter tubes are more resilient, and the overall discomfort of the entire catheterization process (from insertion to withdrawal) decreases when using the POBE (PVC-free) LoFric® catheter. POBE is already widely utilized in a multitude of safety-proven medical devices, and the majority of catheter-users prefer the POBE material over the PVC when given the choice.

Only the catheter material itself has been changed; each catheter will still have the special hydrophilic coating (Urotonic™ Surface Technology) that alleviates friction and provides extra comfort for you during catheterization.

During the remainder of 2013, all PVC LoFric® catheters will be switched over to POBE, and as a result of the transition, you may receive partial shipments of the PVC and POBE catheters until the remainder of our PVC stock has completely run out.

Please feel free to give us a call if there are any questions or concerns, and our Catheter Specialists will be glad to help you out!

About the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for four years and currently holds the title of Purchasing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such fun, caring company.


180 Medical Named a Best Place to Work in Oklahoma

by kier July 18 2013 11:32
180 Medical was recently honored to be ranked one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma by okcBiz magazine.

"Making the Best Places to Work list is such an honor because it’s based on what our employees say about us, not what we say," says Sharon Hodnett, Director of Human Resources at 180 Medical. "Seventy-five percent of the overall score is based on an anonymous employee survey, so coming out of the survey with an employee engagement/satisfaction score that puts us with the best of the best in Oklahoma is something we’re incredibly proud of."

There are a variety of reasons why 180 Medical is considered such a great place to have a career. Our company places an importance on maintaining a work-life balance, and our employees also understand the importance of their job to the lives and health of our customers.

"There are a few things that I think help contribute to the amazing environment that we have at 180. First, what we do on a daily basis truly makes a difference. We can have a direct impact on the quality of life for our customers and the feedback we receive from the patients is that they’ve never worked with a company that offers the level of service and compassion that 180 does," Hodnett says.

"Hearing that on a regular basis, directly from our customers, is incredibly fulfilling; we’re all looking for a way to make a difference and working at 180 gives us that opportunity. Secondly, we offer an environment where we’re allowed and even encouraged to have fun, if we have fun while we’re at work it comes through in the way we talk with our customers and how far we’re willing to go to help them; but it also creates a place where we want to come and be a part of everyday."

About 180 Medical
180 Medical is a nationally accredited provider of sterile use catheters, urologic and disposable medical supplies. They're dedicated to meeting the supply needs of customers with chronic medical diagnoses such as urinary incontinence, spinal cord injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Transverse Myelitis, Spina Bifida, and other urologic conditions that require catheterization. To learn more about job opportunities with 180 Medical, visit: