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Why Are We Called 180 Medical?

by kier October 6 2011 12:21
One of the questions we hear from time to time is "Why are you named 180 Medical?" or "What does 180 Medical mean?". If you have been wondering too, here's your answer!

After our founder, Todd Brown, had a motocross accident and tried to get used to life with a spinal cord injury, he had a lot of trouble adjusting because he had recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs) that we almost too much to handle. In the first seven months after rehab, Todd got seven UTIs. 

He knew there had to be a better way. At a wheelchair race he met some friends, also in chairs, that had some life-changing advice. Todd learned that insurance covered his catheter supplies and he didn't have to reuse catheters. He also was introduced to the closed system catheter.

Closed system catheters allow secure, discreet catheterization and has an added safety feature called an introducer or insertion tip. The introducer tip allows the pre-lubricated catheter to bypass the highest concentrations of bacteria located in the first few millimeters of the urethra, significantly reducing the risk of infection.

180 MedicalThis advice and new-found product turned his life around, or did a "180". He stopped getting the UTIs he once got and started feeling better and was able to get on with his life. Todd's whole purpose of starting 180 Medical was to help others like him get the catheter supplies and information they need to stay healthy so they didn't have to go through what he did.

Now years later, Todd and his 180 Medical team has helped thousands of people receive their catheter supplies and educates them on UTI prevention