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Catheters: A Hidden Advantage?

by kier November 30 2011 13:28
Learning that you need to start using catheters on a daily basis can be a little scary at first, but once you get the hang of it it's almost like second nature and may even have a hidden advantage. Bob Vogel, who writes Bladder Matters for New Mobility Magazine, tries to have a positive look on catheterizing and tells his story of incontinence in an article talking about all of the ups and downs. 

catheters and wheelchair users"Life is all about choices. When it comes to incontinence, the first choice should be getting information on the best way to manage it. The second choice is how we view this management system. Do we think of it as an embarrassing secret, or do we choose to see it as a hidden advantage, an advantage that gives us more control over our daily lives? I choose the second option; a system that puts me in control and allows me to live life to the fullest, on my terms."

Thanks to Ashley, one of our customers, for recommending this article for our blog.