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Diet Tips for a Healthy Bladder

by Catheter Experts November 9 2011 13:12
Certain parts of your body can benefit from eating specific Tips for a Healthy Bladderfoods, which help keep those parts healthy and free of illness and disease. The bladder is an important part of your body, keeping waste from building up within your body and keeping you healthy. However, you must work to keep your bladder healthy so it can do its job. You can do this by eating specific foods that have been found to improve the health of your bladder.

Fruits & Vegetables
Fresh fruits and vegetables have a positive impact on your bladder health, as well as on your overall health. Fruits, especially cranberries, can provide your bladder with a protective layer that prevents bacteria from growing into an infection of the bladder. For some people, drinking cranberry juice at the first symptoms of a bladder or urinary tract infection can cut off the infection before it sets in. Pears are another good example of a fruit that has a positive impact on the bladder, helping to balance acidity in the body.

Water is important for anyone to drink to remain hydrated. Water is also good for flushing bacteria for your system. However, it is important to balance drinking enough water with drinking too much. If you feel as though you are constantly using the bathroom due to your water consumption, it is time to cut back. The amount of water a person requires varies and may take some trial and error before you find the right balance for you.

Whole Grains
The consumption of whole grains serves multiple purposes toward your overall health. Eating whole grain breads, pastas and rice has a positive impact on your digestive health, of which your bladder plays a role. These foods can also help with weight loss. Being overweight can have a negative impact on your bladder health because of the amount of work your body requires it to do. 

Some women already know that eating yogurt can help fight off yeast infections. However, many people don't realize that eating yogurt can also play a positive role in your bladder health. Yogurt has active bacteria that your body needs to balance itself. Studies have shown that eating yogurt can help reduce the risk of developing bladder cancer by keeping the cells of your bladder healthy.

Foods high in fiber may not have a direct impact on the health of your bladder, but they can fight constipation. When your body is constipated, your intestines place more pressure on the bladder. This can make you feel as though you need to urinate more often and can have a negative impact on your bladder health. Therefore, eating fiber-rich foods, such as apples, raisins, strawberries, popcorn, peas, beans and broccoli, fight constipation and relieve the pressure on your bladder.

Protein is an essential element in maintaining your pelvic muscles and hormone regulation. Both the pelvic muscles and hormones in your body play a role in whether your bladder is healthy. Eating a diet high in protein helps your body to maintain itself, including the bladder. Some foods that are high in protein include meats, peanut butter and fish.

In addition to eating the right things, it is also important to avoid eating certain things to avoid irritating your bladder. Caffeine is a primary irritant that can impact your bladder health. If you are prone to infections, it is best to avoid consuming caffeine-rich foods, such as coffee, chocolate and soda. Acidic and spicy foods can also negatively impact your bladder. However, as with many other health issues, moderation is the key to keeping your bladder healthy and enjoying the foods you love.