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Wheelchair Basketball Game

by kier June 21 2011 08:39
180 Medical had the privilege of participating in and sponsoring the GODSA (Greater Oklahoma Disabled Sports Association) wheelchair basketball fundraiser where players from The Blaze, GODSA's wheelchair basketball team, played other teams consisting of doctors and medical professionals who also played in wheelchairs. 

This year 180 Medical joined the fun with a team of our own to show support for the adaptive sport organization. Over a hundred 180 Medical spectators came to cheer on the teams. We had a great time and can't wait until next year! 

About GODSA: The Greater Oklahoma Disabled Sports Association is an organization that supports recreational and athletic activities for adults and children with disabilities. Recreational and competitive events include basketball, track and field, swimming, road racing, table tennis, weight-lifting, and water sports. It promotes health and fitness and teaches life-long skills such as team effort, sportsmanship, setting goals, commitment and responsibility.