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Spina Bifida Association National Conference

by admin July 11 2011 11:41
We attended the Spina Bifida Association (SBA) National Conference at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA a few weeks ago. What a great experience meeting a lot of awesome people! 

The conference is held every year to provide families and caregivers with the latest information in urology, orthopedics, neurology, and more. It also allows an invaluable opportunity for families to be able to network with other families and also with companies like 180 Medical. We were able to help give information on learning to catheterize, different catheter options, and how insurance covers catheters to many of the conference attendees. 

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth! If you or a loved one has Spina Bifida, we have many resources to help you. Give us a call. Also, the Spina Bifida Association website for a lot of great information.

Spina Bifida National Conference
Pictured: Isadora and Mika, two of our Urology Territory Specialists in California.