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The Convenience and Variety of Catheter Kits from 180 Medical

by Catheter Experts October 10 2012 16:22
At 180 Medical, we offer complete catheter kits for the needs of all types of medical patients. From pediatric kits to female and male kits in a range of lengths, we have the right product to serve all of your urinary catheter needs. Our website makes it easy for you to find just what you are looking for, including catheter kits made by specific manufacturers as well as catheter kits by type and length.    

Types of Catheter Kits  

When you need complete catheter kits, we have a wide range of options from which you may choose. If the ordering physician has requested that you use a catheter kit produced by a specific manufacturer, we carry the nation's leading brands, including Apogee, Bard, Coloplast, Hollister, Cure, Medicath and Rusch. Our kit types include hydrophilic, closed system, and intermittent straight. When you need a catheter kit of a specific length, we offer pediatric kits for your child as well as male and female sized kits for yourself or family members.  

 Kit Components  

Our catheter kits include components such as a prep pad, BZK wipe, collection bag, drape, lubricating jelly, and sterile gloves. This promotes an infection-free insertion to protect you from becoming ill.  

Benefits of Catheter Kits  

Our catheter kits protect you from developing harmful urinary tract infections, C. difficile infections, and other complications of catheter use. Complete catheter kits offer a better level of hygiene compared to the purchase of separate catheter components. Each kit is individually sealed for your protection and safety. We only sell the best catheter kits in the industry so that you can enjoy the highest quality of home care for your specific medical condition.  

At 180 Medical, we take pride in bringing you some of the best catheter kits in the medical supply field.