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Handling Your Catheter Insurance Claims

by admin April 25 2012 10:12
180 Medical happily works with your insurance for any supplies that you receive from us, and we handle all of the work for you. Filing claims and processing payment is, however, a multi-step process that our billing department sees through to the end. In case you’re curious, let’s do a run down of what we do to bill your insurance.  

One week after your monthly supplies have been shipped, we send a claim to your primary insurance. After we receive payment from your primary insurance, we immediately send a claim to your secondary insurance, attaching information showing what was paid by your primary insurance. Insurance companies generally take about thirty days to process a claim and issue a payment to our office. When all insurances have been billed and have paid us, we send a statement to you showing your out-of-pocket balance due to us (which is sometimes nothing!).  

To show payments, your insurance company will issue and explanation of benefits both to our office and also to you. This explanation of benefits, or EOB, shows the amount allowed by your insurance company for payment, how much has been applied toward your deductible or coinsurance (your out of pocket costs), and any payment that has been issued to us.  

Every once in a while, your insurance may deny payment for any number of reasons: the service is not covered under your plan, a yearly benefit maximum has been reached, or a minor clerical error. Our billing department works diligently to correct these issues as soon as they occur. Because insurance companies take so long to process claims, you may receive a bill before your insurance company corrects the error, but rest assured that we are already working hard to resolve the issue.  

If you ever feel you have received a bill in error—or maybe just need a little clarification about your explanations of benefits or how your insurance paid—please do not hesitate to contact us. Our billing department is standing by to assist you and answer any questions you may have.