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180 Medical Awards Scholarship to Students

by kier September 4 2012 10:40

180 Medical, the one of the nation's premier suppliers of catheters and catheter equipment, announced the winners of their first annual 180 Medical College Scholarship Award this month. The award is given to students who have demonstrated exceptional courage not just in overcoming adversity, but also in their work as student ambassadors, helping others with spinal cord injuries or Spina Bifida.

This year's recipients, Daniel Pitaluga, Kristan Stanford and Susan Crim have shown this spirit time and again and 180 Medical is proud to recognize their achievements and support their future success. 

After being diagnosed as a quadriplegic, Daniel Pitaluga was already well along in an architecture program he hoped to one day turn into a career. But when his limited hand dexterity prevented him from drawing and translating his design ideas to the page, he thought all was lost. But teaching himself complicated digital drafting tools, Daniel was able to continue his education and present his designs just like his peers. In the fall, he heads to Florida International University to pursue his career as an architect.  

After a car accident left him a quadriplegic, Kristan Stanford has become a disability advocate and currently participates in a variety of sports. As he wants to be motivational speaker and is pursuing a degree at Weber State University, Kristan has pursued this goal by making the honor roll and actively speaking to kids about the acceptance, perseverance and the positive side of being in a wheelchair.


After a domestic dispute with a boyfriend ended in a bullet to the neck that left her paralyzed, Susan Crim had to learn to live as a quadriplegic. Battling anger and resentment both at the person that put her in her chair but also her inability to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse, Susan turned her energy to helping others. Modeling her work after a disability advocate that helped her family get access to funding that helped her continue her education, she decided to pursue a career in criminal justice to help others that may be wrapped up in violent relationships and need help to avoid violent crime. In her work with ThinkFirst National Foundation as a voice for injury prevention, Susan's scholarship will help her continue her education at Baker College.

Each student received $1,000 to help further his or her education. To learn more about this scholarship program, visit the 180 Medical Scholarship page.