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A Day in the Life of a 180 Medical Product Specialist

by admin April 30 2013 17:20
180 Medical is a national leader in the urologic catheter supply industry. We recruit employees who are hardworking individuals that want to enjoy going to work and are inspired to help people every day. We offer a very competitive benefits package, extensive training and fun extras. 180 Medical was recently named one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma.

We offer a variety of positions in different departments, with opportunities for growth and development within our company. Today we are highlighting Brad from our Product Specialist department.

Name: Brad

Position: Product Specialist, also known as a PS

How long have you worked for 180 Medical: 2 years and 4 months

What you do as a Product Specialist: My primary responsibility is to call on new customers to educate them on different types of urinary catheter products and help them determine which product is best for their individual urological needs.

What is your favorite thing about 180 Medical: My favorite thing about 180 Medical is definitely the environment. Basically, it is like we are all one big family.

Why you like working for 180 Medical: I enjoy working at 180 Medical because everyone truly cares about every single patient that is referred over to us. Every day I go home knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life.

Something unique about 180 Medical:
The most unique aspect of 180 Medical to me would have to be the story of Todd Brown. He started off like many of our customers, overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn. From his issues as a patient of needing catheters, he saw a need and started a highly successful business, not emphasizing financial success but instead on giving the best customer service in the industry. It is a remarkable story.

Favorite patient story-or favorite story about how you helped a customer: It is really hard to pinpoint one particular customer because we do have so many amazing patients we come across. However, the one patient I will always remember is a lady who has to use catheters 10Xs per day. She called in very upset about the news of having to catheterize. She had a history of frequent infections and basically was down on life. Well, I introduced hydrophilic catheters to this lady and she told me it changed her life. It helped with her level of discomfort and more importantly it greatly reduced her amount of infections. She still calls in from time and time and always makes sure that whoever she speaks to tells me hey from her and to let me know she called in. She showed me how my job as a product specialist can truly impact a customer’s life and turn his/her life around.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Well, I was born and raised in a a small town about two hours from Atlanta, Georgia. I have two sisters and a brother. I love basketball and even received a scholarship to play in college. I lived in Georgia my entire life until I moved to Oklahoma a little over two years ago. I went to the University of Georgia most of my collegiate life, then graduated from a smaller college with my Bachelor’s degree. I am a huge Georgia Bulldog fan! My favorite thing to do is to go to the beach. This is definitely what I miss the most about living in the southeast. As far as my career is concerned, it is my ultimate goal to move into an outside representative role with 180 Medical.