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Employee Spotlight: Megan Hall

by admin June 13 2013 09:50

180 Medical is a national leader in the urologic catheter supply industry. We recruit employees who are hardworking individuals that want to enjoy going to work and are inspired to help people every day. We offer a very competitive benefits package, extensive training and fun extras. 180 Medical was recently named one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma.

We offer a variety of positions in different departments, with opportunities for growth and development within our company. Today we are highlighting Megan from our Human Resources department.

Name: Megan Hall     

Position: Corporate Recruiter

How long have you worked for 180 Medical: 6 years

What do you do at 180 Medical: 
I recruit top notch sales representatives for our outside sales department. We fill positions nationwide, so I find candidates, educate them about our company, and work them through the interview process.   

What is your favorite thing about 180 Medical: It’s hard to pick one favorite thing! Overall, I love that I come to work and feel good. We have fun, work hard, help people, and push for success. It’s a great feeling.

Why you like working for 180 Medical: 180 Medical is my career. I started working here as a part-time receptionist, while I was in college. Honestly, when I first started working here as a part-time receptionist while I was in college, I thought I would only be at 180 Medical during the summer. After about a year, I changed my degree path to Human Resources and was offered a position as the Human Resources Coordinator. This was a huge learning opportunity for me to really see how corporate HR worked. 

After working in the HR Coordinator role for 4 years, I was given the opportunity to try a new position in recruiting. 180 Medical gives employees the growth opportunity that many dream of, giving enough support to be successful but also the opportunity to make it your own.

Something unique about 180 Medical: The company bobblehead is something that all employees look forward to.  On your 5th anniversary you awarded a personal bobblehead.  They are designed with the employees’ interests and personal characteristics in mind.  It’s a unique way to show appreciation to employees and looks great on your desk :). 

Favorite thing about recruiting: The best feeling is adding someone to the 180 Medical team that you know is a perfect fit. 

About the Author:

Trish has worked for 180 Medical for almost three years as the Nebraska Office Coordinator. She lives in Nebraska with her husband and daughters.