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Advice For Talking To Your Children About Using Catheters

by Catheter Experts November 15 2013 16:27
You might think only adults use catheters, but there are also many children with medical conditions that require self-catheterization daily.

When most parents learn that their child will need to use pediatric catheter supplies, they take on catheterization duties until they feel that their child is older and responsible enough to handle usage. Eventually your child is going to have to learn how to cath themselves, and they’ll probably have a lot of questions about the catheter and its usage.

180 medical kids club emma can cathHere are a few helpful tips for talking to your kids about using catheters.

  • Explain to them that some people need to use bathroom differently, and that their intermittent catheters help them do that. Normalizing catheter usage can lessen the chances of having your child feel embarrassed, isolated, or different.
  • Discuss the importance of hygiene's role in preventing potential infections.
  • Some parents find that activity books and visual aids help their children better understand the catheterization process.

We have materials that clearly explain everything a child needs to know about self-catheterization, but is presented in a format that’s fun and easy to understand for children.

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