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Bard Touchless Closed System Catheter

by admin April 4 2013 12:42
180 Medical is dedicated to offering the best possible products to fit your urological needs and to you unique lifestyle. Closed system catheter kits allow for less mess, simplifies disposal, and reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Cross-contamination occurs when the tip of the catheter touches the outside of the urethra, moving the bacteria into the bladder.

Bard Touchless CatheterOne popular closed system catheter on the market is the Bard Touchless Closed System. The Bard Touchless Kit has everything you need to cath in one package. The pre-lubricated catheter has a patented finger guide, a 1,100cc collection chamber with built-in sample/drainage port, one pair of gloves, povidone iodine swabs, and an under-pad.

Bard Touchless Catheter Features
Introducer Tip: Bypasses the first few mm of the urethra, which keeps the patient  from moving bacteria up from the urethra to the bladder.

Drainage Bag: Allows patient to measure, for the patient to move the catheter up the urethra without touching it, the catheter is also never exposed to anything other than a sterile bag and the urethra.

Insertion Supplies: Keeps the cathing procedure sterile.

Pre-lubricated Catheter: Allows for instant cathing, and no messing with manually lubricating catheters.

Long Bag: The bag is longer than the other closed systems to allow the bag to rest on the floor while being filled.

Finger Grip: Allows you a place to hold onto the catheter to help keep it from falling back into the bag.

How to use: The patient inserts the introducer tip into the urethra and advances the catheter through the bag. They can pull the catheter out of the bag, when done cathing to dump the urine or they may rip the bag to empty it.

Bard Touchless Introducer Tip
A few words from our founder, Todd Brown:

“My life improved drastically as I began to use a Closed System Catheter Kit. The freedom this product afforded me alone was worth the transition. I could now cath anywhere I had privacy, whether that be a restroom, a private room, or even my vehicle, if need be.”

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