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Do Catheters Expire?

by admin May 27 2013 08:39
If you're new to using intermittent urinary catheters, you may be wondering if your catheter supplies will ever expire.

According to catheter manufacturer Teleflex Medical’s global labeling policy, catheter labels require an expiration date or some other means by which users may be assured of the quality at the time of use.

Expiration dates indicate the package's integrity and the sterility of the catheter. Typically, the catheters do not break down, but the sterility may be compromised after the expiration date printed on your package.

Catheter Expiration Date
A pre-lubricated catheter may lose its hydration, and the lubrication's sterility can not be guaranteed after the expiration date.

If you are using a hydrophilic catheter with a sterile water packet enclosed, the expiration date indicates the tested time during which sterility of this water can be maintained.

We recommend that our customers use catheters prior to the expiration date to take any possible step to create a sterile environment and help prevent any unnecessary infections or issues.

Find out more about what the symbols on your catheter package mean here.

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