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So You've Been Told You Need to Start Using Catheters. Now What?

by Jessica March 31 2014 11:30
Change is not always easy. It's completely natural to feel some fear when your doctor tells you that you will need to use intermittent catheters going forward as part of your treatment plan.

We here at 180 Medical understand how daunting it can feel to be told that your life will be different going forward, whether due to injury, surgery, disease, or another diagnosis that requires the use of catheters.

Some of our employees and Todd Brown, 180 Medical CEO and foundereven our founder, Todd Brown, have experienced the transition to life in a wheelchair after a spinal cord injury. They understand what it's like to face new challenges after leaving the rehabilitation hospital and the long process of finding and adjusting to the use of various medical supplies specifically for their needs. They continue to use intermittent catheters (among other supplies) every single day, so these employees have a personal experience to share with you -- not just with the process of intermittent catheterization but also a true understanding of those initial feelings of concern over this new process that will be a part of your life, whether temporarily or long-term, depending upon your health professional's prescribed treatment plan.

While your doctor should be your go-to for medical advice, 180 Medical is committed to being a support for you by giving the best service possible while also providing you with the resources and education you need to feel fully informed and comfortable with this new process.

Give us a call today to experience the quality service and care that 180 Medical is ready to give you! You'll find a listening ear from a well-trained, compassionate specialist who can help you through the transition to self-cathing.

About the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for 4 years and currently holds the title of Purchasing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company.