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4 Helpful Smartphone Apps for Catheter and Wheelchair Users

by Jessica July 23 2014 14:04
helpful smartphone apps for catheter-users and wheelchair-users

Just about everyone has a smartphone these days. Technology has risen to meet our many needs, even those we didn’t know we had. There are games, music programs, helpful tools, financial planners, and many apps specifically geared towards health, such as WebMD. But did you know there are some apps that for your phone could specifically help you out with your self-catheterization regimen? As the slogan goes, “there’s an app for that,” so check out our short list of applications in iTunes that may be a good addition to your smartphone today!    


$1.99 in iTunes
urobladder diary appDuring your appointments, your treating physician may have recommended that you keep a record of how much liquid you’re drinking per day and/or how much and how often you are voiding your bladder. It may not sound like much fun to keep writing this information down in a big notebook or journal, but with this app, you can just type in each entry. Does the doctor want to see the record? This app easily converts the text you’ve input into a PDF file which can be emailed over to your physician’s office and included in your electronic medical records. No paper waste necessary, and it keeps your voiding diary completely private.  

urobladder diary screenshot


wheelmate coloplast smartphone appFree in iTunes
Are you a wheelchair user on the go? This app is specifically designed to find clean wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and parking spaces for those in wheelchairs. Currently, this app has more than 30,000 locations spread over 45 countries, and more are added and verified by wheelchair users to make sure the information is correct. This is especially helpful for those on the go. Maybe you have a vacation you'd like to plan in advance, or you're traveling for your job and want to make sure you'll have parking and bathroom access.

wheelmate app screenshot


Free in iTunes
coloplast cathnow appLike most catheter users, you probably have a set schedule of when you are supposed to self-cath, according to your health care provider's prescribed regimen. But sometimes time can get away from us when our day is busy, and of course, we all have forgetful days! There's whose days are busy or even just for those of us who are a little forgetful, there’s an app by Coloplast created to remind you to it’s time to cath with alarms for your smart phone.

coloplast cathnow smartphone app screenshot

LoFric Micturition Chart App

Free on iTunes and Google Play
Like UroBladder Diary, this chart allows you to input the liquids lofric micturition chart smartphone appyou are drinking throughout the day and the amount of urine you are voiding from your bladder. However, this version is specifically to record this information over 2 or 3 days. Once completed, you can bring the chart to your next appointment or email it. Again, this app is helpful for less paper waste along with more privacy, because you don’t have to carry around a paper chart or notebook with you.

lofric micturition chart app screenshot

One or all of these smartphone apps may offer some practical support to you even on a daily basis as a catheter or wheelchair user. Whether you need help finding clean, wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, staying on time with your prescribed self-cathing regimen, or measuring your urine output or more, it can all be at the mere touch of  a button on your personal smartphone.

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