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Receptionist Employee Spotlight: Meet Melissa

by Jessica June 5 2018 06:39
melissa receptionist 180 medical

180 Medical is a leading supplier in the nation for intermittent catheters and ostomy products. We make it a goal to staff our company with people who truly want to help people and make a difference, and we love to reward and recognize our employees for the amazing work they do. 

Today, we'd love for you to meet Melissa, one of our long-time employees who currently works as the Lead Receptionist.

Melissa, you've been a valued employee at 180 Medical for nearly 10 years! Congratulations! What makes having a career with 180 Medical so rewarding to you?

melissa and angie Above all else, 180 Medical treats their employees like family. That means a lot to me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

I feel great pride in everything we accomplish. We do everything in our power to help our customers and give them the best service possible.

Knowing that I come to work to actively take part in helping others every day is a huge plus. I just feel truly blessed to work for 180 Medical.

You've held a variety of roles within the company. Talk to us a little bit about some of the previous job titles you've had and what you do now. 

alexandra quoteWhen I first started at 180 Medical in July of 2008, I was hired as a Documentation Specialist.

Later, as the company grew and more and more referrals came in from hospitals and doctor's facilities for more catheter supply orders, I was given the opportunity to move to an Account Coordinator position. I began to work and process all of the inbound faxes.

As we continued to grow even more, that workload increased tremendously within the next few years, so a few more people were added on to that team to help out with the growing number of referrals to process.

I am now working as the Lead Receptionist.

On top of answering the phones alongside my team, my job involves executive assistant duties and helping the reception team become the very best it can be, since we are the very first ones to speak to our customers when they call in.

What do you think makes the receptionist team and 180 Medical stand apart from other companies?

Almost all other companies out there, even medical supply providers, use automated systems to answer all of their incoming calls and direct their customers to a department using complicated phone menus. It's also the norm for most people to be put on hold for a long time when they call other companies, just waiting to speak to a real person. 

At 180 Medical, our customers' experiences are totally different!

From the moment you dial our number, your call is answered by a live person (one of the receptionists on my team). They will listen to your needs and determine where to transfer your call, all while treating you with courtesy and compassion. And we make it our goal, no matter how busy we get, to never let you stay waiting on hold for more than a minute or two.

We make it a point to be stand apart from other companies out there, because we want to help anyone who needs us and turn their lives around!

We all genuinely enjoy what we do, and we can provide the quality intermittent catheter and ostomy products you need along with top-notch, personalized customer service that that is noticeably different from other medical supply companies.

melissa and receptionists thunder up

What do you like to do most when you're not at work?

I love to spend time with my three girls and my husband. We are really involved with church and our church family, and I love getting the opportunity to reach out and help others through that as well.

If I had to pick, I'd say my favorite place in the world is at the lake with my friends and family, just swimming and fishing all day. 

melissa fishing in 180 medical gear

What's something during your time at 180 Medical that has truly made you proud of yourself and your career?

rylie quoteWinning the Company Coin at one of our recent quarterly meetings has definitely been my greatest accomplishment so far.

The Company Coin is awarded by our executive team to employees that stand out, go above and beyond, and display an owner's mentality and integrity.

It is such an honor to be chosen for such an award!

Melissa, you're such an important part of the 180 Medical family!

Thank you for everything you do in displaying the 180 Way, both inside and outside of the workplace.

If you want to love what you do and work at a place where you are a valued employee, check out our available job positions and apply today!

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jessica 180 medical blog authorAbout the Author:

Jessica is the Purchasing & Marketing Coordinator, & she has been with 180 Medical for nearly 9 years. To her, the best part of working at 180 Medical is the opportunity to truly make a difference in peoples' lives. In her downtime, she enjoys creative writing, seeing new places, & spending time with her loved ones & her dogs.