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Tag: Travel Catheters

Tag: Travel Catheters

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Travel catheters, pocket catheters, and no-touch catheters are some of the most popular among our customers. This is because they’re discreet, convenient, and perfect for people on-the-go!

Travel Tips From Real People Who Use Catheters

Hoping to go on a vacation or travel to see…

Tips for Holiday Travel With Urinary Incontinence

Holiday travel can be stressful when you have urinary incontinence, but 180 Medical is ready to offer some of our top tips for traveling, whether by plane or car, with catheters and other urological supplies.

Pocket Catheters 101

Pocket catheters are in demand, as more people want an intermittent urinary catheter that offers them discretion, privacy, and peace of mind along with comfort. Find out more about some of the main types that could work for you!

Product News: SpeediCath Flex Pro Catheter

Find out more about one of the newest ready-to-use coudé catheter products on the market, the Speedicath Flex Coudé intermittent catheter.

10 Ways to Carry Your Catheter Supplies Discreetly

While there’s no shame in having to use catheters, it’s understandable to want to carry your catheters as covertly as possible. Learn more about some tried and true options for toting your catheter supplies during the day with our latest blog.

Cure U Pocket Catheters, the Newest Product from Cure Medical

180 Medical is a proud supplier of the new pocket catheter by Cure Medical, the Cure U. Find out all you need to know here.

Traveling by Air with Urinary Catheters

180 Medical shares some tips on traveling with urinary catheters.