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Ostomy Product Highlight: Eakin Cohesive Seals

by Jessica January 19 2017 21:12
ostomy product highlight eakin cohesive seals
Are you interested in keeping up-to-date on the available catheter and ostomy supplies available on the market today? At 180 Medical, we believe that educating and informing customers is a great way to make sure you know all of your options, so we love to share the scoop on what makes some of the many products we carry so great. Today, find out a little more about a product just for ostomates: Eakin Cohesive® Seals.

What Are Eakin Cohesive® Seals?

If you ever find yourself having issues with leakage around your stoma with your normal skin barriers, this product might be a good option for you!

These moldable, moisture-absorbing rings can be manipulated into a various shapes to accommodate for just about any size of stoma. The Eakin seals may be a great addition to your ostomy pouching system, because they act as a sort of putty to fill in any possible gaps between your skin surrounding the stoma and your pouch, thereby reducing the possibility of embarrassing leaks from your ostomy system.  

What Are Some of the Features?

Eakin Seals with Cohesive® technology offer a variety of helpful benefits and have some unique features you may want to know about, including:
  • Moldable to the precise fit of your unique stoma
  • Prevents leaks and offers skin protection
  • Absorbs more moisture than other stoma seal*
  • Alcohol-free (so it won't sting your skin)
  • Resistant to fungal growth
  • Increased wear-time
  • Very skin-friendly, even for those with sensitive or already damaged skin
  • Resistant to drying out
  • Does not lose its stickiness -- in fact, the more you handle it, the better
  • Does not expire
  • May be broken or cut and rejoined to fit around more difficult sites
  • Forms a gel that protects the skin
  • Can be used with all skin barriers and pouching systems
  • Especially great for those with flush or retracted stomas
  • Suitable for all types of ostomies, including an ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy

What Are the Size Options?

The Eakin seals come in four main varieties, as shown below. You can also contact one of our Ostomy Specialists to help you determine the right size for your individual needs.

eakin cohesive seal sizing chart

How Do You Use Eakin Cohesive® Seals?

You can also find helpful step-by-step instructions here.

To try a sample or to find out more about this great product, give us a call to speak with one of our highly trained Ostomy Specialists, who will be happy to help you with finding the right ostomy supplies for your needs as well as verify your insurance to determine how the Eakin Cohesive® Seals are covered on your policy.

ostomy product showcase
*"Effect of a long life ostomy seal on faecal enzyme activity" by Dr Grace McGroggan, TG Eakin Ltd and Dr Lorraine Martin, Queens University, Belfast

About the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for 7 years. Her current job title is Purchasing & Marketing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company. 


What Type of Ostomy Wafer is Right for You?

by Jessica August 8 2016 09:15
ostomy wafer blog header
Whether you're new to using ostomy supplies or if you have been a seasoned ostomate for some time now, you are probably aware of the wide variety of ostomy supplies and accessories available on the market today. It's great that there are so many options available to help suit one's individual needs, but you might still be looking for the right products to fit your needs. 

Here at 180 Medical, we like to make sure you have correct and up-to-date information on your product options, so in today's blog post, we shed some light on what wafers, or skin barriers, are all about and how the right one for you can make a big difference in your ostomy experience. 

What Is a Wafer?

Ostomy pouching systems are offered in two main options: a one-piece system or a two-piece system. In a one-piece system, the wafer and pouch are all in one, which can be best for those who don't have to change out their pouches as often. For instance, many ostomates using urostomy supplies may find they don't have to change out their pouch as often, because many prefer to use drainable bags for their needs.

In a two-piece system, the wafer and pouch are separate from one another, which allows for quicker changing of your ostomy pouch. It's an easier system for those who utilize closed pouches versus drainable or for those who change their ostomy pouches more frequently, as it as it reduces the wear on skin from removing and reapplying the adhesive wafer too often.

What Types of Wafers Are Available?

flat and convex skin barrier comparison Because stoma sizes and shapes vary from person to person, there are three main types of wafers currently available on the market:
  1. Pre-cut wafers: These are manufactured for the most common sizes for circular stomas. No cutting or alterations needed on these, but not everyone's stoma is a common size or shape.
  2. Cut-to-fit wafers: These wafers come with varying sizes printed directly on them, which serve as a guide to allow you to cut your own opening to fit your individual stoma size and shape. This is a great option for those who are in between sizes or have an irregular stoma shape.
  3. Moldable Wafers: This is the newest technology on the market today. Moldable wafers provide the same benefits as the cut-to-fit wafers with some additional conveniences. They are made out of a flexible, stoma-safe material which allows you to roll the material back snugly with your thumbs or fingers to the right size and shape for your needs -- no scissors required! After the wafer, or skin barrier, is molded, it is placed on the skin around the stoma, just as with all wafers, except the moldable technology allows the material to fit more snugly around the stoma (this process is called "turtle-necking"). This provides maximum comfort and helps to prevent those leakage issues that everyone wants to avoid with their ostomy system. 

Flat Vs. Convex Wafers

Just as every individual has their own unique stoma size and shape, everyone will have some difference in protrusion lengths. While some may have a significant protrusion from the skin, others might have a stoma that lays flat with the skin, or even retreats a little bit into their body. 

Flat Wafers
For those whose stomas protrude from the body more than a quarter of an inch, the best wafer will typically be a flat variation of the wafer. This type of wafer is very flexible in order to accommodate for the contours of one's body. For those whose stomas are flat to the skin or more shallow, there may be more leakage issues, since the stoma isn't protruding enough to empty efficiently into the pouch, which can cause effluent to leak underneath the wafer and even irritate skin.

Convex Wafers
For shorter stoma protrusions, or for the stomas that lay flat or retreat inwards from the skin, the better option may be a convex wafer, which positions the hole in the center of the wafer in a bowl shape. This creates a protrusion around the stoma so it will drain cleanly and efficiently into the pouch without leakage. Convex wafers, however, are not as flexible as flat wafers, but they can save a lot of time and trouble for those with shorter stomas or more rounded abdomens.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact one of our highly-trained Ostomy Specialists during business hours at 1-877-688-2729. We'll be happy to help you find the right ostomy products and accessories for your individual needs and preferences. 

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About the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for 7 years. Her current job title is Purchasing & Marketing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company. She loves writing, playing music, creating art, and spending quality time with her dogs, friends, & family.

Ostomy Resources & Support

by admin September 23 2014 14:52
Ostomy surgery, whether planned or unexpected, can bring a lot of changes to your life. It can be scary, frustrating and discouraging to try to find the help you need or even to find people that understand exactly what you are going through. In addition to 180 Medical’s team of trained ostomy specialists, there are some great resources available to help you get back to being you, while finding a place of support and community.

Recommended Ostomy Resources

convatec cvt customer interaction center cic logo ConvaTec’s Customer Interaction Center (CIC) It’s hard to get back to your normal life if you can’t find products that work for you and give you a sense of security. The Customer Interaction Center is made up of ConvaTec’s team of certified wound ostomy nurses that are available for your questions and concerns. They specialize in ConvaTec’s ostomy product line and are dedicated to helping you find the products that work the best for you.
Phone: (800) 422-8811, Monday – Friday, 8:30AM – 7:00PM Eastern Time  


Ostomysecrets is a company created by ostomates for ostomates. They carry specialized underwear and wraps for men, women and children. Their products are specifically designed to provide discreet support and to conceal your ostomy system, giving you a greater measure of confidence and peace of mind. Since the employees of their company have ostomies, they are able to offer support and insight only found with someone who shares your struggles. Their founder, Lisa Becker, asks: “When was the last time you forgot you had an ostomy? For me, it's every time I wear my Ostomysecrets. These undergarments changed my life, and I hope they change yours too. Join me and feel as good as I feel now!” – Lisa Becker, Founder
Phone: (877) 613-6246  

ostomysecrets banner

Great Comebacks Program

The Great Comebacks® Program began in 1984 under the leadership of Rolf Benirschke, with support from ConvaTec. It was designed to raise awareness of quality of life issues for people living with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, colorectal cancer or other diseases that can lead to ostomy surgery. Today, the Great Comebacks community has spread far beyond its original borders, raising awareness around the globe through inspirational individuals who have chosen to share their stories and offer hope to others facing these diseases and transitioning to life after surgery. 



Ostomy Inspire

Ostomy Support Groups by Inspire is an online support community for people living with an ostomy. There are many different forums where you can discuss health and lifestyle issues, gain emotional support, inspire and motivate others and see additional ostomy information and resources.

180 medical ostomy

About the Author:

Heather has worked for 180 Medical for almost 2 years and currently holds the title of Ostomy Specialist. She loves being active, trying new things, spending time with family and friends, and playing the piano and the guitar.

Understanding Colostomy: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

by Jessica September 12 2014 15:22
Having a digestive disease can certainly be frightening but fortunately, there are options available to help treat such conditions. One such option is a colostomy, which is a common surgical procedure for different disorders of the large intestine. While this surgery can seem intimidating, it can dramatically improve the quality of life for individuals.

To help you better understand a colostomy, how to care for yourself post-procedure, and the products available to help manage your condition, here are five frequently asked questions (and answers) on the subject.

1. What is a colostomy?

A colostomy is a surgery performed to removed all or a part of the colon. 180 medical colostomy diagramAn opening is made from the large intestine to the outside of the abdomen and a portion of the organ is brought to the surface of the skin. The new opening, called a stoma, allows waste to leave the body. As a colostomy has no controlling muscles, the body releases the stool as needed.

2. What are the reasons for needing a colostomy?

A colostomy is performed to cure or treat an area of the colon. Some of the most common reasons for a colostomy include bowel cancer, Crohn's disease, injuries or trauma, and birth defects.

3. What risks are associated with the surgery?

In some instances, a skin irritation or infection may occur due to a stool leak from under the bag, or a hernia can sometimes develop around a stoma. This can be easily avoided by taking good care of your stoma, eating a healthy diet, and using the right products for your needs.

4. How will this affect my life?

As with any medical condition, it's crucial that you know how to properly manage it. Living with a colostomy will require that you make some small changes to your life and current routine. You should monitor your medication, since certain medicines can cause constipation or diarrhea. Also, ensure that you eat a well-balanced diet and check to see which foods give upset stomach or gas, as you may choose to avoid these in public. You may want to speak with your doctor or a registered dietician to decide on a nutrition plan. In addition, since your body will not be able to fully regulate the flow of your body waste as it leaves the stoma, you will need a proper ostomy system to collect it. 180 Medical has a number of high-quality product options that will offer discretion, easy application, and emptying.

5. What colostomy supplies should I use?

At 180 Medical, we understand the challenges that can come with living with any ostomy, and that's why we're devoted to provided you with the best colostomy supplies. There are a variety of skin barriers, pouches, and accessories available to provide you with the care you need. Check out our selection online or contact us today.

180 medical ostomy supplies

180 Medical Now Supplies Ostomy Products

by Jessica April 29 2014 16:02
Having a hard time finding a provider of medical supplies for your ostomy needs? If you're looking for a dependable, compassionate company that understands where you're coming from and what supplies you need, look no further than 180 Medical!

If you've heard of 180 Medical, you may already know that we are one of the top suppliers of intermittent catheters in the nation, and there's a reason for that. We consistently provide reliable service, and we aim to treat you and your needs as we would for a member of our own families.

We are now a proud supplier of ConvaTec's high-quality line of ostomy products, and we have a highly-trained group of Ostomy Specialists that help you find the right ostomy supplies for your needs, whether you have a colostomy, ileostomy, or a urostomy.

Our educated and compassionate staff will gladly:

  • discuss and help stabilize your current process for using ostomy products
  • explain your insurance coverage so you fully understand how your insurance will cover the products, and what, if any, out-of-pocket costs you may have
  • set you up on a regular shipping schedule so you don't have to worry about remembering to reorder
  • offer you a listening ear

180 medical ostomy testimonial

If you're ready to experience the 180 Medical difference, contact us today by filling out our online inquiry or give us a call at 1-877-688-2729 to speak to one of our highly trained, friendly specialists.

About the Author:

Jessica has worked for 180 Medical for 4 years and currently holds the title of Purchasing Coordinator. Her favorite things about 180 Medical are her great co-workers and getting to work for such a fun, caring company.