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What's Next After Your Ostomy Surgery?

by Jessica January 27 2015 10:47
There's no question that getting an ostomy is a major procedure that can affect certain aspects of your daily life. Once the surgery is complete, and you've gone over everything with your doctor, it'll be time to go home. Some people who have had this procedure may be unsure of what the next step is after that.

It’s natural to want to know how easy it will be to adapt to your new situation and become comfortable with everyday life. There are several factors to consider from the United Ostomy Associations of America, including these frequently asked questions about life after ostomy surgery.

How Much Will My Diet Change?

This depends entirely upon what type of surgery you have – ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy. Consult your doctor for information on what you should avoid or begin to include in your diet, if anything.

Will I Still Be Able to Take a Shower?

Yes. It depends on your personal preference on whether you keep your ostomy pouch on or take it off, but many people with ostomies have found that it’s nice to give their skin a break and expose the stoma to air. Be cautious about getting too much soap or water on or around the stoma to avoid irritation. Just be aware that, depending on which type of ostomy you have, your body may continue to eliminate waste while you are showering. Doctors do recommend that colostomy and ileostomy patients choose a time when they know that their bowel is less active to avoid extra mess or complications. 

Will People Be Able to Tell That I Have an Ostomy?

support groupAccording to the United Ostomy Associations of America, approximately 750,000 people have had an ostomy. You most likely have come across someone who has had the procedure before, and you never even knew it. The pouch system is flattened against your stomach and is created with odor-resistant materials. Unless you tell someone you have it, he or she will most likely have no clue.

Are There Support Groups for Ostomates?

It’s normal to feel like you are all alone in this, especially at first. But, as said before, there are hundreds of thousands of others who are going through very similar situations. There are support groups across the country and online where those with ostomies can help one another adapt to this new way of life. Click here to find the one in your area.

One such online support community you can visit is Ostomy Support Groups by Inspire at There are many different forums where you can discuss health and lifestyle issues, gain emotional support, inspire and motivate others and see additional ostomy information and resources.

180 Medical is dedicated to providing our customers with the best ostomy products, intermittent catheters, and related medical supplies alongside our top-notch service. Our dedicated specialists have worked with many ostomy patients to help them get the best supplies for their needs and offer them a listening ear.  

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.   

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Ostomy Resources & Support

by admin September 23 2014 14:52
ostomy resources and support for ostomates

Ostomy surgery, whether planned or unexpected, may bring a lot of changes to your life. During your transition to living with a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy, you may go through a wide range of emotions, and it may feel scary, frustrating, and even discouraging for you at times.

Right now, it's necessary that you get the right ostomy supplies for your needs from a company who understands and cares. It's also just as important to find resources, support, and connections to people who understand firsthand what you're going through as a new ostomate.

Here are some great resources that may help you get back to being you, while finding an additional sense of support and community.

Recommended Ostomy Resources

ConvaTec’s Customer Interaction Center (CIC)

convatec cvt customer interaction center cic logoIt can be hard to get back to your normal life if you can't find products that work for you and give you a sense of security and independence.

The Customer Interaction Center is made up of ConvaTec's team of certified WOCN (Wound, Ostomy, & Continence Nurses) who are available for your questions and concerns. The Customer Interaction Center is dedicated to helping you find the ostomy products that will fit your needs and preferences the best.

Phone: (800) 422-8811, Monday – Friday, 8:30AM – 7:00PM Eastern Time

me + community

me plus ostomy communityWith the me+ Community, you can find a home alongside hundreds of other people living with ostomies. Fellow ostomates in the online community share their experiences, including some inspiring, frustrating, and even funny stories. Many of them offer personalized advice of what has worked for them as someone living with an ostomy.

Enroll today to get support and personalized insights.



Ostomysecrets is a company created by ostomates for ostomates. They carry specialized underwear and swim wraps for men, women, and children with ostomies. Their products are specifically designed to provide discreet support and conceal your ostomy system, giving you more confidence and peace of mind.

Since the employees of their companies also have ostomies, they are able to offer personalized insight and share their experiences.

Ostomysecrets founder, Lisa Becker, says: "When was the last time you forgot you had an ostomy? For me, it's every time I wear my Ostomysecrets. These undergarments changed my life, and I hope they change yours too. Join me and feel as good as I feel now!"

Phone: (877) 613-6246  

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Ostomy Inspire

Ostomy Support Groups by Inspire is an online support community for people living with an ostomy.

There are many different forums where you can talk to other ostomates, discuss health and lifestyle issues, get emotional support, inspire and motivate others, and find additional ostomy information and resources.

180 Medical is Here for Your Ostomy Supply Needs

On top of all these helpful resources, it's important to find a trustworthy ostomy supplier who you can depend on for compassionate service and reliable shipments.

180 Medical has a staff of highly trained and friendly Ostomy Specialists who are ready to talk with you about any ostomy product questions you may have. We'll be glad to work with you to find the right ostomy products and accessories that are correctly sized for your stoma and right for your individual preferences and needs.

Contact us toll-free at 1-877-688-2729, or get in touch with us through our Live Chat option online today! 

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