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Bardia Intermittent Red Rubber Catheter

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This option from Bard offers you a red rubber latex intermittent catheter with a hollow rounded tip and two opposing eyelets. Bardia red rubber catheters are also radiopaque. Included with the flexible catheter, there is an easy-open peel-top tray with a waterproof underpad, fenestrated drape, BZK swabsticks, lubricating jelly, latex-free exam gloves, and a specimen container with label.


  • 16 inches long (male length)
  • Red rubber latex catheter
  • Insertion supplies in peel-top tray
  • Single-use, sterile
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
8 Fr 802408
10 Fr 802410
12 Fr 802412
14 Fr 802414
16 Fr 802416
18 Fr 802418
20 Fr 802420
22 Fr 802422