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Insurance Guide for Ostomy Supplies

Ostomy Insurance Coverage

medical symbol180 Medical is an ACHC-accredited provider that is contracted with Medicare, most state Medicaid programs, and a wide variety of private insurance plans. Our specialists can verify your insurance to find out how your plan will cover your supplies and then discuss this information with you in detail. You’ll be informed of any estimated out-of-pocket costs and when your first order is expected to arrive. If your insurance requires any additional authorization or documentation, we will also handle getting this from your doctor’s office with no extra hassle or effort on your part.


We are a Medicare-accredited provider. Medicare requires a prescription and related doctor’s notes in order to provide ostomy supplies, but you can rest easy knowing that we will work with your doctor’s office to obtain this documentation for compliance with Medicare’s guidelines.

Drainable pouches Up to 20
Closed pouches Up to 60
Skin barrier with flange Up to 20
Adhesive remover wipes 150 every 3 months
Ostomy belt 1
Skin barrier paste 4 oz. tube
Protective barrier wipes 150 every 6 months
Protective powder 10 oz. every 6 months


180 Medical is in-network with the majority of state Medicaid programs. Coverage and allowable amounts of ostomy supplies will vary according to each state’s guidelines. Contact us to find out what your plan covers.

Private Insurance

We accept many different private insurance plans, and we are constantly working to get contracted with new networks and plans. Your coverage and allowable amounts of supplies will vary according to each insurance plan’s guidelines.

Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to get your insurance plan verified and let you know how your ostomy supplies will be covered.

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