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Zoom Interview Release

I, the undersigned, having full authority to execute this release (“Release”) on behalf of myself, grant 180 Medical Inc. all of its affiliated companies, its successors, its agents, employees, representatives, officers, directors, licensees and assigns (collectively, “180 Medical”), the right to use, adapt, modify, reproduce, distribute, sublicense, publicly perform and/or display, in any form now known or later developed, the materials indicated below (the “Materials”) specified in this Release throughout the world, and/or by incorporating such Materials into one or more works, not including advertising promotional materials relating thereto.

Materials may include:

  • Voice
  • Visual or Virtual Likeness (on photographs, video, film, graphics, etc.)
  • Graphics, sound effects, music, video, audio, animation, screen shots, text and other creative output as specified per project
  • Quote(s)/Testimonial(s) by you

I represent and warrant that the Materials identified above are either original to me and/or owned by me and/or I have full authority from the owner of the Materials to grant this Release. The Materials accurately represent my typical experience and results with 180 Medical’s products and services, and I have disclosed to 180 Medical any material connection with 180 Medical, such as an expectation of consideration in exchange for this Release.
180 Medical shall have an unlimited right to publish, reproduce, reuse and copyright the Materials for distribution through any media now known or hereinafter developed or invented, domestically or internationally, including multiple uses of same, in any manner and without limitation as to changes, place, duration or frequency, and without any request of prior inspection or requirements of approval from me.
I further agree that any and all such statements, endorsements, photographs, video and sound recordings or other likenesses comprising the Materials – and reproductions thereof or derivative works created therefrom – are and will remain the exclusive property of 180 Medical, including but not limited to any copyright in the materials.
I further hereby release and discharge 180 Medical from any and all claims, actions, damages or demands whatsoever which the undersigned now has or may ever have against 180 Medical by reason of or arising out of the use, taking, publication or reproduction of the Materials. However, the materials will not be used for advertisements or marketing (either print or electronic media).

Zoom Interview Release - No Advertising

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