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180 Medical - Colorado

Hundreds of thousands of people in the United States suffer from some sort of a spinal cord injury or condition that requires urinary catheterization. Others require the use of ostomy supplies. Either way, we have you covered. Although our corporate headquarters is located in Oklahoma City, we have offices across the country to meet all of our customers' needs. Our Colorado office is located near Denver. If you're looking to purchase catheters or ostomy supplies or just have some questions about products or how the billing process works, please contact us today. You can find directions to our Denver office as well as contact information below.


180 Medical - Colorado
12649 East Caley Ave, Unit 120
Centennial, CO 80111-6477
Office Phone: (303) 756-6277
Business Hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - Noon, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.


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"Thank you for the absolutely wonderful support and service you have provided me as a new customer. I was a bit nervous and apprehensive about my medical condition and how to adopt and embrace the new treatment it required. You were the most thoughtful, articulate and professional in guiding me through the application and answering all my questions. I believe it was the best, most positive customer experience that I have had with a customer support call center. Thanks again."

James P.