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Justice tells her story about becoming a quadriplegic and says that when she started using 180 Medical for her catheter supplies, it helped turn her life around.

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Claudia shares her story about overcoming the challenges of becoming a caregiver and how 180 Medical has provided her products that have allowed her mother-in-law to live at home with her family.

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Listen to John’s story about how 180 Medical has helped him find ways to decrease urinary tract infections, which has helped him to stay healthy and do things he previously wasn’t able to do after becoming a quadriplegic.

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Terra tells us her story about learning that her new baby had spina bifida and how 180 Medical gets her son the supplies he needs with quality customer service.

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Brad is a three-time cancer survivor. After finding 180 Medical, he can now focus on the more important things, instead of worrying about his catheter supplies.

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Before 180 Medical, Linda struggled with finding quality catheter supplies. Now she can get everything she needs and has overcome great obstacles while living with Multiple Sclerosis.

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Ken tells his story about how he used to have to go to his local pharmacy to get his catheter supplies. He now uses 180 Medical, and everything is delivered to his doorstep with no hassles or embarrassment.

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Emily was involved in a car accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury. Since then, she had been buying her catheters out of pocket for years. When she found 180 Medical, she discovered her catheters were covered by her insurance. Listen to her story of being able to save money and reduce infections with 180 Medical’s help.

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Jackie tells her story about becoming a paraplegic, learning that she needed to catheterize, and how 180 Medical has helped her along the way.

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