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180 Medical Patient Advocates

Our Patient Advocates at 180 Medical touch lives across the United States in doctor’s offices, children’s hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. They often mentor children and adults with spina bifida as well as newly spinal cord injured people while providing support, resources, and positive encouragement.

Meet our Patient Advocates

Patient Advocate James DuBose SCI
James DuBose

As a C6/C7 quadriplegic since 1992, James understands how scary life feels after a spinal cord injury. Because of that, he brings empathy to every encounter while using his story to help other newly injured people.

Meet James


Patient Advocate Steve Kearley SCISteve Kearley

Steve has been a C6 quadriplegic since 1988. As a Patient Advocate, he loves sharing his experience to help others see their lives aren’t over because of their spinal cord injury.

Meet Steve


Patient Advocate Brendan Downes Spina BifidaBrendan Downes

When Brendan was born with spina bifida, his family received guidance and help. Today, he likes to “pay it forward” by offering compassionate care and support to other families and children with spina bifida.

Meet Brendan


Additional Resources

180 Medical College Scholarship
Our annual scholarship program is available to students with conditions including a spinal cord injury, spina bifida, an ostomy, transverse myelitis, and/or a neurogenic bladder.

Online Catheterization Instructions
180 Medical offers step-by-step instructions for how to use catheters for men, women, and children.

180 Medical Ron Howell Caregiver Scholarship
This annual scholarship opportunity is ideal for college students who are also unpaid caregivers for a family member or loved one with a chronic disability.

180 Medical Kids Club
We provide a fun and helpful introduction to using catheters for children and their parents or caregivers. Through fun activities and colorful stories, your child can learn how to hygienically self-cath.

Spinal Cord Injury Videos

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