180 Medical Kids Club

The 180 Medical Kids Club was created to ease the fears of families like yours that have been told your child needs to catheterize. We’ll help you adjust to this new way of life with one-of-a-kind educational materials and fun activities for your child. Through the Kids Club materials, children can learn the normalcy of self-cathing along with ways to use catheters correctly and reduce the occurrence of infections.


180 Medical Kids Club

The free Kids Club books include resources on:

  • How to know  when your child may be ready to learn  to self-catheterize
  • How to use  a closed system, hydrophilic, straight catheter, or catheterize through a stoma
  • Parent section featuring information on different types of catheters

Also includes a story featuring our characters, Ethan and Emma!


Pediatric Catheter Specialists

180 Medical specializes in supplying intermittent catheters to people across the country. We take great pride in providing exceptional service by educating you on your catheter options, giving you the best practices on ways to help reduce urinary tract infections, and much more. We offer free samples, free shipping, and insurance billing.


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