Obtaining Incontinence Supplies Covered by Medicaid May Help Reduce Caregiver Stress

Looking after the health and well-being of another person takes time, resources, money, and compassionate care. We understand that being a caregiver for someone, whether that’s a disabled or ill child, elderly parent, or a patient, isn’t always easy. You may be seeking advice for caregivers looking to manage stress or find incontinence supplies covered by Medicaid. Read on to learn more.

Who Is at Risk of Caregiver Burnout?

The Mayo Clinic identifies a number of potential indicators of a caregiver predisposed to stress.

Some risk factors of caregiver stress and burnout could include:

  • Living with the person being cared for
  • Around-the-clock caregiving (high number of hours)
  • Not having a choice in becoming a caregiver
  • No coping skills
  • Financial difficulties

While not all of these may apply, it’s important to know the potential risks that could contribute to higher rates of stress and caregiver burnout.

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Signs of Caregiver Stress

In addition, here are some signs and symptoms of experiencing caregiver stress. Because caregivers focus so much on taking care of their loved ones, they may often forget they also deserve self-care and compassion.

Some of the signs include:

  • Excessive sleep or feeling tired constantly
  • Gaining or losing weight without explanation
  • Feelings of anger or irritability
  • Reliance on substances like alcohol, drugs, or prescription drugs
  • Frequent headaches or body pain
  • Losing interest in the things you once enjoyed

If you’re experiencing signs of caregiver stress, you may also be living with depression or anxiety. It’s a good idea to practice self-care regularly and make time for yourself when you can. Talk to your doctor about the best course of action.

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The Financial Burden of Caregiving

The financial burden of being a caregiver is impossible to overlook. Finding incontinence supplies covered by Medicaid remains a regular to-do list objective. Medicaid has been designed to look after “low-income adults, children, pregnant women, elderly adults and people with disabilities,” according to the official government website. Those who want to learn more about their own status of potential eligibility can visit Medicaid.gov for more information.

Each state has its own policy and guidelines. Finding information specific to your qualifying state is important. This may help decrease stress for the caregiver. In addition, it could help boost results for the person they are looking after. 180 Medical provides a helpful incontinence supplies insurance guide, which includes information regarding specific state Medicaid plans. Plus, we have Incontinence Specialists on staff that can help you find the right products to make your life as a caregiver easier.

Knowing that incontinence supplies covered by Medicaid are available to you can take a weight off one’s shoulders – and that improves outcomes for all involved.

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