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Convatec GentleCath Catheters

Hands holding a GentleCath hydrophilic catheter

As an experienced leader in urologic and continence care, Convatec listens to the needs of catheter users as well as caregivers and healthcare professionals. Convatec manufactures their GentleCath catheters to make catheterization more comfortable and convenient.

180 Medical proudly carries the entire line of GentleCath catheter supplies. Curious what types and sizes of GentleCath catheters are currently available? Check out our online catheter catalog to see the available GentleCath catheter products.

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Popular GentleCath Catheters

Whether you need a female catheter, a male length or unisex catheter, or a pediatric length catheter for children, 180 Medical has it. In addition, you can find a GentleCath in just about every imaginable type of catheter. Their polished, elongated eyelets minimize friction and urethral damage. Also, each catheter’s soft, rounded tip aids in a smoother insertion.

GentleCath Glide

The most popular GentleCath catheter lately is the GentleCath Glide. It’s the only hydrophilic catheter with FeelClean™ Technology, which is embedded into the catheter itself.

This means once the catheter’s hydrophilic properties are activated with the included water packet, it instantly becomes lubricated. Then it stays smooth while you’re cathing without getting sticky or drying out. Plus, it reduces residual mess and makes cathing fast, clean, and comfortable.

You can find the Glide catheter in both female and male lengths with straight insertion tips.

In addition, if you require a curved or coudé tip, you might like the GentleCath Glide Coudé Catheter.

GentleCath Air

The GentleCath Air™ Catheter for Men combines practicality and discreetness in a hydrophilic male catheter design that seamlessly fits into your daily life. Also featuring FeelClean™ Technology, the GentleCath Air™ Catheter, ensures a more convenient, smoother, and comfortable cathing experience without the worry of sticking or messiness.

When you’re prepared to cath, simply activate the accompanying water sachet, and use the sleeve to handle the catheter, reducing the chance of infection through hand contamination. Its innovative design makes GentleCath Air™ highly portable, ready to slip into your pocket, bag, or briefcase for easy, private transport. The resealable package design also facilitates effortless, discreet disposal.

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GentleCath Hydrophilic Catheters

Curious about any other hydrophilic catheters from GentleCath? They offer multiple lengths and packaging options in their standard hydrophilic catheter, including GentleCath hydrophilic catheter kits. These include insertion supplies to reduce contamination and the risk of infection as well as a hydrophilic catheter in the length and insertion tip that best suits your needs.

Hydrophilic Male Length Options

Seeking a unisex catheter with a hydrophilic coating that will stay smooth and comfortable? These male-length 16-inch catheters can come with or without an additional catheter kit of insertion supplies.

The male length hydrophilic catheters are also available with a coudé tip for users who can’t normally pass straight tip catheters.
Hydrophilic Female Length Catheters

Convatec also makes hydrophilic catheters in female length. These are discreet and comfortable catheters for women who need to use catheters.

If you prefer a female hydrophilic catheter with insertion supplies, you might like the GentleCath Hydrophilic Female Catheter Kit. You’ll get a collection bag, antiseptic wipe, latex-free gloves as well as an 8-inch hydrophilic GentleCath female catheter.

GentleCath Intermittent Catheters

If your insurance doesn’t cover hydrophilic or closed system catheters, you also have top-quality uncoated straight catheter options.

We also carry 2 uncoated coudé catheter options from GentleCath.

GentleCath Pro Closed System Catheters

Closed system catheters are an all-in-one system with an integrated collection bag and a pre-lubricated catheter that’s ready to use. In addition, many of the GentleCath Pro closed systems include insertion supplies as well. These no-touch catheters facilitate a more sterile catheterization, which may help reduce contamination or risk of infection.

*Note: GentleCath Pro Closed System Catheters have been discontinued by the manufacturer. Talk to our specialists about our many other closed system catheters from a wide variety of brands.

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GentleCath Pro Closed System Catheter with hiking gear

Where to Buy GentleCath Catheters Through Insurance

As you can see, Convatec GentleCath catheters come in a variety of styles. While we are a subsidiary of Convatec, we emphasize and encourage customer choice in which brand and catheter type suits each individual’s unique needs best. You get to decide which brand of catheter you want as well as which type you prefer while following the guidelines of your health insurance coverage and your doctor’s prescription.

Whether you need pediatric catheters for children, intermittent straight catheters, travel catheters, or closed system catheters, 180 Medical has one of the largest selections of catheter supplies on the market today.

If you have any questions, contact our highly-trained Catheter Specialists. We’re ready to provide the products that can help turn your quality of life around.

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