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Getting Started With 180 Medical

How to Start Your Catheter or Ostomy Supply Order with 180 Medical

1. Contact 180 Medical.

Fill out this simple form to be contacted by one of our friendly, trained Specialists. We also offer easy contact options including our online Live Chat feature. Plus, you can just give us a call directly to experience our renowned customer service.

Take the first step of getting started with 180 Medical. We just need a few things from you to get the ball rolling.

  • Your insurance information
  • Your treating health care provider’s name and office phone number
  • Your supply needs for intermittent catheters and/or ostomy products

2. Next, we’ll go back over the details with you to make sure we’ve got everything right for you.

Once we have your insurance verified, your Specialist will contact you to discuss your insurance coverage and allowable amounts, any possible out-of-pocket costs based on your coverage, go over your doctor’s plan of care, and how you prefer to handle your future supply orders. We’ll let you know when you can expect your first order to arrive.

In the meantime, we handle getting any necessary documentation (including a prescription) or authorization that your insurance company may require. We also handle all direct billing to your insurance for free!

3. Finally, just sit back and relax while we ship your supplies right to your door!

Once we finalize your order, you’ll get a tracking number sent to your email address as soon as we ship your package so you know when to expect your supplies. Then, after your first order, your Specialist will contact you again. We always want to follow up to make sure you’re fully happy with your order.


Ready to Get Started?


100 percent guarentee

180 Medical is always here for you. We look forward to supplying you with the products you need along with the compassionate service that you deserve!

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