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Healthcare Professional Testimonials

Louisa Salvin, RN

“Thank you so much! You guys & gals are amazing. There is no other medical supply company that comes even close to the quality of service you provide to my kids AND me.”

Jake Klein, CPNP, MS

“I would like to thank the entire staff for the outstanding service and support that they provide to our patients and facility. In all the years I have worked with 180 Medical, I can’t recall a patient problem or complaint. However, I do frequently hear testimonials from patients and families about how much they value the “trouble-free” service provided by the entire staff.”

Agnes E. Bayer, CPNP

“If you are looking for a reliable, efficient, knowledgeable and caring vendor who will set up your patients with all the catheter supplies try 180 Medical. They have been very supportive of us and all the families we refer them. It’s almost like they are part of our team.”

Dr. P.A. Blake

“Lake Jackson Urology would like to personally thank 180 Medical for serving our patients. The patients Dr. P.A. Blake has referred have expressed their appreciation of the great helpfulness and kind courtesy of the staff at 180 Medical.”

Brigitte Ward, CNA II

“When I show the products that you offer to our patients here they really are surprised with the variety that they have to choose from. The feedback that I have received from previous patients are wonderful responses. We do appreciate what you do for us and our patients. Thanks so much.”

University Medical Center

“Everything is being done right. Our patients are very happy with your products & service.”

Texas Center for Urology

“180 Medical exceeds our expectations in every way!”

Children’s Urology

“180 Medical is very quick with your service and easy to reach. I think you have the right match for our practice and patients thank you. Your reps are also very nice and personal. We enjoy them.”

City of Hope Medical Group

“Would like to thank our rep for his great help with anyswering my questions & making it easy to refer. =)”

Lakeview Urology

“Very happy with your company and services!”

Cardinal Glennon

“You are an amazing organization. Every family I send to you has nothing but good things to say. You are a class act. I honestly have not had a single unpleasant or unsatisfactory experience with 180. Thanks and keep up the excellent work.”

Kennedy Krieger

“Consistent communication between us and 180 Medical via e-mail is excellent. My rep is a pleasure to work with.”

Urological Surgical Associates

“We have no complaints. Our service rep is very helpful and always available.”

OU Children’s Hospital

“You guys know how much we appreciate your excellent service and commitment – way to go! You guys are absolutely the best in the business! Your service, commitment, work ethic, and attitude make it an absolute pleasure to work as a team with ya’ll. My rep is the most professional and hard working rep I have ever encountered. Our patients tell me daily how great your team is! Thanks 180 Medical!”

Jim Thorpe Rehab

“You do a wonderful job of servicing people who self cath.”

Cleveland Urology

“Patients are very happy.”