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HR® HealthCare TruCath® Catheters

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HR® Healthcare has been a leading manufacturer of medical supplies for over 80 years with a goal to provide superior urological products, including TruCath® catheters and HR® catheter lubrication. HR® HealthCare catheters offer value, comfort, and safety.

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TruCath® Catheters at 180 Medical

Want to know more about the range of HR® HealthCare catheters available? They’re never made with natural rubber latex or DEHP, high-quality products. Also, they’re designed with a smooth tip and polished eyelets for smooth catheterization every time.

TruCath® Ready-to-Use Catheters

TruCath® Oasis™ Hydrophilic Catheters are pre-activated and fully ready-to-use. All are available in different lengths (male, female, and pediatric) and two different insertion tip options (straight and coudé).

If you prefer an easy, ready-to-use catheter option, TruCath® offers a pre-lubricated catheter with the TruCath® Swift™ Catheters line.

TruCath® Straight Catheters

Whether you need a female length, male length, or pediatric length option for children, you can find the right size with TruCath straight catheters.

TruCath straight catheters are made without rubber latex or DEHP, so you can feel safe using them. The polished eyelets maintain a comfortable insertion and removal.

HR® Healthcare Catheter Lubricating Jelly

If you’re using an uncoated straight catheter, you may need catheter lubricating jelly to make catheterization more comfortable. Lubricant may help reduce friction inside the urethra during cathing. HR® Lubricating Jelly is a bacteriostatic, chlorhexidine-free option that many customers prefer.

TruCath® Coudé Catheters

HR® HealthCare offers coudé tip catheters for those unable to pass straight tip catheters. Each coudé catheter features polished eyelets and a curved insertion tip to keep catheterization smooth and comfortable.

Also, each TruCath coude catheter features a marked funnel connector, which helps determine the optimal position of the tip during catheterization. Since TruCath® coudé catheters are uncoated, they’re great to use with HR Lubricating Jelly, which may help make cathing even smoother.

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TruCath® Hydrophilic Catheters

HR® also offers a full range of TruCath® hydrophilic catheter options that are comfortable and fully ready to use. Also, it features a touch-free sleeve, so you may be able to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections due to contamination from your hands.


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TruCath® Closed System Catheter Kits

HR® HealthCare also manufactures high-quality closed-system catheter kits. HR® TruCath® closed system catheters are housed in their own integrated collection bag with a cut-out handle for easy transport.

The catheter itself is pre-lubricated and ready for use as soon as you’re ready. Just pull off the ring cap to reveal its pre-lubricated introducer tip, which helps shield the sterile catheter from the higher concentrations of bacteria around the urethral opening. This may help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.

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Where Can I Buy TruCath® Catheter Supplies?

As one of the leaders in our industry, 180 Medical is proud to carry TruCath® catheter supplies and a wide range of catheter types from all other major brands.

We specialize in intermittent catheters, and we know that the freedom to choose your catheter can make all the difference in your quality of life. You can try out free samples to determine what feels and works best for your individual needs, based on your insurance coverage and your prescription for catheters.

180 Medical offers free shipping, caring customer service, and much more. Just contact us to get started.

Plus, we provide free shipping, personalized support, insurance billing, and more! Reach out to us to experience our top-rated customer service.

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