Spinal Cord Injury Videos

Along with our friends from J & R Medical, one of our sister companies, we have put together a collection of videos to show just some things you can do after a spinal cord injury and how to do them with your new way of life.

  How-To Videos

Transferring In/Out of a Car       Going Up/Down Stairs in Wheelchair

           Hand Cycle Videos  How to Catheterize Videos

How To’s With An SCI

How To Pump Gas With An SCI

How To Dress With An SCI

How To BBQ With An SCI

Transferring In/Out of a Vehicle

Paraplegic Transferring Into a Car

Paraplegic Transferring Out of a Car

Paraplegic Transferring In and Out of a SUV (Honda Element)

How To Get Into A Van With An SCI

How To Get Into A Car With An SCI


Paraplegic Going Up Stairs

Paraplegic Going Down Stairs

Hand Cycle Videos

Bike Transfer

Hand Cycle Transfer

Hand Cycle Transfer Part II

See More Hand Cycle Videos

How To Catheterize Videos

Women’s How To Cath

Men’s How To Cath

See More How to Catheterize Videos

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