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Amsino AMSure® PVC Male Length Urethral Straight Catheters

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Amsino AMSure PVC Male Length Urethral Straight Catheters help facilitate easy and clean intermittent catheterization. With a smooth surface, each AMSure Male Catheter features a straight insertion tip with staggered R-Polished Technology eyes for comfort. This promotes efficient urine drainage while staying smooth. It's soft enough for pliability and firm enough for easy insertion. Plus, Amsino AMSure Male Catheters are sterile, latex-free, and BPA-free. Ready to try out Amsino AMSure catheters or another one of our many available high-quality catheter brands? Contact 180 Medical's friendly specialists to get started.


  • Male length (16 inches)
  • Staggered drainage eyes made with R-Polished Technology
  • Straight insertion tip (coudé tip option also available in male length)
  • Color-coded funnel ends for size identification
  • Also available in female and pediatric lengths
  • Made without latex or BPA
  • Sterile, single-use
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
6 Fr AS861606
8 Fr AS861608
10 Fr AS861610
12 Fr AS861612
14 Fr AS861614
16 Fr AS861616
18 Fr AS861618