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Bard Red Rubber Straight Catheter

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Bard Red Rubber Straight Catheter

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The Bard Red Rubber Straight Catheter is flexible but firm enough to make catheterization easy. These all-purpose red rubber catheters have rounded insertion tips featuring two opposing drainage eyelets. This aids in optimal draining of the bladder while making catheterization more comfortable. In addition, this red rubber latex material is ideal for radiopacity (X-ray opaque). Each Bard Red Rubber Straight Catheter is sterile and best for single use only.

*DISCONTINUED NOTICE* This product was discontinued by the manufacturer on March 1, 2021. To learn more about other high-quality replacement product options, please contact us.


  • All-purpose red rubber catheter
  • Round, hollow tip
  • Two opposing drainage eyes
  • Single-use, sterile
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
8 Fr 802408
10 Fr 802410
12 Fr 802412
14 Fr 802414
16 Fr 802416
18 Fr 802418
20 Fr 802420
22 Fr 802422


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