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Bard Touchless Female Red Rubber Catheter Kit

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The Bard Touchless Red Rubber Catheter Kit in Female Length is designed just for women in need of a convenient closed system catheter. It features a 550cc urine collection chamber and is entirely self-contained and a female length, pre-lubricated red rubber catheter. The Touchless system was designed to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, and it also includes some helpful, hygienic insertion supplies such as gloves and antiseptic wipes. This closed system for females only also features a patented guide for control of the insertion and convenience, whether you're self-cathing or being cathed by a caregiver.


  • Pre-lubricated vinyl self-contained catheter
  • Introducer tip
  • Insertion supplies include 2 latex-free gloves gloves, 3 povidone iodine swabs and underpad
  • Large 550cc durable collection bag (which is longer than other closed systems to allow the bag to rest while being filled)
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
12 Fr 4A3054
14 Fr 4A3055
14 Fr 4A2056 – 1100cc