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LoFric Male Catheter Hydro-Kit

Wellspect’s LoFric® Hydro-Kit™ is an all-in-one kit that combines a hydrophilic catheter (with Urotonic™ Surface Technology for the lowest friction during insertion and withdrawal), a sterile water packet, and a collection bag to facilitate a more convenient catheterization experience anytime and anyplace – even in the absence of a toilet. The kit is small and easy to handle, including a handling guide which eliminates the need to touch the catheter itself with your fingers while it enables you to keep a firm grip.


  • 16 inches long (male length/unisex)
  • Latex-free
  • Straight tip
  • Color-coded funnel end for easy size identification
  • Hydrophilic
  • Sterile, single-use
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
8fr 9830840
10fr 9831040
12fr 9831240
14fr 9831440
16fr 9831640
18fr 9831840

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