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Rusch® EasyCath™ Female Catheter Kit


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The Rusch® EasyCath™ Female Catheter Kit provides a convenient and discreet option for women who need to use catheters. Each EasyCath™ Female Catheter Kit includes a female-length vinyl catheter as well as insertion supplies. The kit of catheter insertion supplies includes a pair of gloves for added hygiene, catheter lubricating jelly, an antiseptic skin prep pad, an underpad, a urine collection bag, and a refuse bag. The Rusch® EasyCath™ Catheter Kit's urine collection bag is designed to easily attach to the funnel end of the straight female catheter. With the Rusch® EasyCath™ Female Catheter Kit, you can maintain a more hygienic and sterile catheterization whether you're at home, at work, or on the go.


  • Catheter features smooth, polished Soft-Eye Technology for a more comfortable insertion
  • Includes catheter and insertion supplies
  • Latex-free
  • Single use, sterile
Catheter Sizes Item Numbers
6 Fr ECK065
8 Fr ECK085
10 Fr ECK105
12 Fr ECK125
14 Fr ECK145
16 Fr ECK165

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