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Esteem + Flex Convex Closed Pouch

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Convatec's high-quality Esteem + Flex Convex Closed Pouch offers you comfort, security, and discretion along with the firm flexibility of a convex ostomy skin barrier. This one-piece colostomy or ileostomy bag is a great product option for those who are tired of dealing with leakage from their current flat wafer or ostomy pouching system. In addition, the convex skin barrier features hydrocolloid properties to maintain your peristomal skin's health while staying secure and firmly in place once you apply it. Also, the barrier's softly tapered edges resist annoying snags on clothes. The Esteem + Flex Convex Closed Pouch features quiet, discreet fabric backing as well as a state-of-the-art filter to mask odors and reduce pouch ballooning.

The Esteem + Flex Convex Closed Pouch is available in 3 convex plateau sizes to accommodate a range of stomas. If you're looking for help in flattening skin creases around the stoma, you may prefer a wider plateau. However, if you need more pressure directly around the stoma to reduce leakage, you may prefer a narrow plateau in your convex skin barrier. Contact our Ostomy Specialists for more help in finding the right ostomy products for your unique needs.

*DISCONTINUED NOTICE* This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Contact our Ostomy Specialists for similar replacement closed ostomy pouch options.

Item Numbers Description & Plateau Size Color Size Quantity
421612 Convex Cut-to-fit Closed Pouch, V1 Opaque 20-43mm (13⁄16″ – 1 11⁄16″) 30 per box
421613 Convex Cut-to-fit Closed Pouch, V2 Opaque 20-35mm (13⁄16″ – 1 3⁄8″) 30 per box
421614 Convex Cut-to-fit Closed Pouch, V3 Opaque 20-25mm (13⁄16″ – 1″) 30 per box


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