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Be a Voice of Hope

When we ask our customers what inspires them and helps them in their journeys, one response overwhelmingly stands out: they want to hear from other people like themselves. People with similar medical conditions or who are dependent on the same medical supplies.

Sometimes we highlight individual customer journeys in our blog, or we may use advice from our customers in blog posts designed to help other customers overcome obstacles or learn new tips.

Fill out the form below to let us know a little more about your story and how we can share it.

*By submitting this form, you agree to allow 180 Medical to publish your story, in full or in part, at, on social media, and on any other platforms operated by 180 Medical and its partners or subsidiaries. Please note: submission does not guarantee publication. Additionally, we may reach out for more information, pictures, and/or video if we’re in need of more details for clarification before publication.