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180 Medical Named Among the 2020 Best Places to Work in Oklahoma

2020 makes this the 11th year for 180 Medical, a leading provider of home-delivered catheters, ostomy supplies, and incontinence products, to be named one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma. In addition, at the recent virtual award ceremony held by the Best Companies Group and the Journal Record, 180 Medical placed 4th out of all large companies in the state.

The Best Companies Group determines the winners of the annual Best Places to Work awards through a detailed process. First, they research the business practices and company cultures of Oklahoma-based employers. Next, employees from each company fill out anonymous surveys about their work conditions, job benefits, and more.

11th year awarded best places to work in oklahoma

COVID-19 Pandemic Added a New Element of Judging in 2020

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about the world, including how many of us work. That’s why this year’s Best Places survey included questions about employees’ experiences during this time. Topics included employees’ health and safety as well as how well each company communicated its plans.

180 Medical acted quickly at the start of the pandemic by putting our employees’ health and safety first. The majority of employees who are able to perform their jobs remotely began working from the safety of their homes, while our Shipping Specialists and warehouse staff began wearing PPE and sanitizing their workstations throughout their shifts.

Going mostly virtual in 2020 hasn’t taken away from 180 Medical’s positive company culture that our employees love and appreciate. Instead, we’ve grown closer as an organization by making more digital connections. Plus, we continue to foster and uphold our positive values together as a team united in a mission of service.

In light of the unprecedented year that we all have experienced due to COVID, it is a great feeling to know that our employees still feel that this is a great place to work and that even in crisis, we strongly care for our employees and their families as much as we do our customers. Throughout the year and despite most of us working remotely during this time, we have grown closer as an organization, and we have developed new processes and protocols to ensure the safety of our employees. We are proud that, no matter what, we can create an environment that employees continue to enjoy and are proud to work for this company.
Angie Christopher, Director of Human Resources

Best Places to Work in Oklahoma 2020 4th place

180 Medical Employees Tell Why We’re One of the Best Places to Work

Because the Best Places to Work award is determined largely by our own employees’ experiences and feedback about working for 180 Medical, we truly feel this is an honor. However, it’s also a testament to our positive work culture and hiring practices that we have some of the most satisfied employees in the state.

So what is it that makes 180 Medical so special?  Here are just a few of the many anonymous survey responses from our employees in the 2020 Best Places to Work survey.

1. Employees are treated fairly and rewarded for a job well done.

"I am well-rewarded for my hard work" - 180 Medical employee quote
“Working for 180 Medical has made my standards higher for what to expect in a job. I have never been treated more fairly or felt like I am actually a part of a TEAM. Even on my bad days, which we all can have, they remind us that we are still doing well. I am well-rewarded for my hard work, and I never thought I would find that in a company.”

2. 180 Medical provides support, a positive work environment, diversity, and opportunities for growth.

180 Medical provides amazing benefits - 180 Medical employee quote
“This organization always makes sure the employee is well taken care of. 180 Medical provides amazing benefits, work environment, support, training, growth opportunities, diversity, and employee recognition.”

3. Everyone at 180 Medical, including our leadership, truly cares.

180 medical work culture like a family quote
“180 Medical has a culture unlike any company I have ever seen. It is more like being part of a family than a workplace. 180 Medical has an amazing amount of transparency and is very active in communicating with employees. Everyone from the top down genuinely cares. Upper management is very active in engaging with employees, they always know everyone’s name and remember conversations they have had with you. The amount of support from every level of the organization is unmatched. When you work at 180 Medical, you know are valued and appreciated.”

4. No matter your background, you’re a part of the 180 Medical family.

180 Medical cares about their employees - employee quote
“180 Medical cares about their employees. No matter our race, sex, religion, etc., we are all treated with respect and gratitude. They bring excitement to the workplace. Also, we are rewarded for outstanding performances while getting to help people all around the U.S.”

5. We have so much fun while doing what we love.

Coming to work at 180 Medical is a blast - 180 medical employee quote
“The culture at 180 Medical is one of inclusion. 180 Medical strives to make everyone feel valued. We also have exciting quarterly meetings with games, prizes, and awards, fun food days – everything that makes coming to work a blast.”

6. On top of the amazing benefits, we get to make a difference in others’ lives.

you really do make a difference in the world when you work at 180 Medical - 180 Medical employee quote
“You really do make a difference in the world when you work at 180 Medical. Also, they treat employees with respect and the benefits are great.”

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180 Medical Named Among the 2020 Best Places to Work in Oklahoma
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