Halloween Fun at 180 Medical

Halloween has come and gone already, but here at 180 Medical, we had a lot of fun in between working hard to take care of our great customers on Monday. The atmosphere stayed festive all day, thanks to the many people here who like to decorate for each season. Some employees even decorated their team areas based on their group costumes.

This year, we also held another successful pumpkin carving contest, where anyone at 180 Medical had a chance to show off their creative and artistic skills. There were some pretty clever and cute additions to the contest.

As always, 180 Medical also held our annual costume contest, and there were some fantastic group and single costume ideas. We’re always surprised by the inventiveness that our employees demonstrate in coming up with new, fun, and sometimes hilarious costume ideas each year. Check out just a few of the costumes that were on display yesterday below!

2016 halloween at 180 medical
halloween 2 2016 180 medical
Of course, any event at 180 Medical is sure to include some great snacks throughout the day. Some teams and departments even held their own potlucks, so we all had a chance to snack quite a bit before the afternoon ice cream social. These are just a few of the many reasons why our employees enjoy working at 180 Medical, and we hope to keep hosting these exciting events for many years to come.

We hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween too! Stay tuned to our blog for future posts about other fun company events throughout the year.

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Jessica is the Senior Marketing Specialist at 180 Medical. She's been a part of the 180 family for over 11 years. Her favorite parts of working at 180 Medical are our values of compassion and integrity and the positive impact we help make on peoples' lives.

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