180 Medical Honors Urology Nurses and Associates Week

Urology Nurses and Associates Week has begun as of this Monday, and we like to take time each year to emphasize the importance of this week. We issued a press release earlier to highlight our enthusiasm for this celebration of nurses and medical professional who work so hard to provide the care needed for their patients.

Happy Urology Nurses and Associates Week from 180 Medical
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Each year, Urology Nurses and Associates Week takes place in the first week of November, dedicated specifically to the nurses, nurses’ assistants, and other healthcare workers that have chosen the field of urology. Each of them serves a crucial role in the healthcare system. Some work primarily in continence care, providing the education and support our customers’ need to live their lives as normally as possible. Others act in roles within oncology, surgery, cystoscopy, urodynamics, and more. No matter where they work and the position they serve, they provide a necessary role that is integral to their patients’ well-being.

As providers of intermittent catheters and other urological supplies, we interact with urology nurses daily, taking time to understand what is needed for their patients. We’re grateful to all urology nurses, associates, and doctors for choosing 180 Medical to provide their patients with their needed catheter supplies along with top-notch customer service. Here are a few reasons why they choose us and consistently stick with us for patient referrals:

  • One-stop Referral Option: Nurses are busy, and convenience is one of the many reasons they choose 180 Medical for their patient referrals.
    There’s not a lot of time in their packed day to seek out a provider that can handle supply needs and is also contracted with that specific patient’s insurance company. 180 Medical understands that nurses need a quick and efficient option to fill out a referral so that their patients can obtain the supplies they need. With 180 Medical, it’s as simple as faxing or emailing the referral to us. From there, we work hard to process and verify the patient’s insurance and call them in the same day during business hours. If we don’t carry the supplies the patient needs, or if we happen to not be contracted with that patient’s insurance, we personally handle finding and referring the patient to a company that can! This way, we make sure the patient can get their needed medical supplies, whether we end up supplying them or not.
  • Individualized Care: At 180 Medical, we understand that every situation is different. Each patient’s needs are as unique as the individuals themselves. Our customer specialists will work hard to get the best product for each patient while working with the urology nurse’s recommendations. We also take time to educate patients on how best to use a catheter hygienically, even offering time to help them with a step-by-step walk-through of the process of catheterization. This helps the referring nurse or associate to lessen any follow-up needs on their part.

Urology Nurses and Associates Week was started to create awareness about the tireless effort that urology nurses perform, as well as the illnesses and conditions that cause urological issues, including spinal cord injuries, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, neurogenic bladder, and more. While many people may feel some fear or concern after being told they will need to use catheters, whether short-term or permanently, urology nurses help by offering solutions that will allow the patient to feel comfortable with their daily routines including self-catheterization and other options. They not only teach them how to function as normally as possible once again; they provide the physical and emotional support that is often needed in these situations. Sometimes all it takes is a listening ear, other times it takes a guiding hand to show what is possible. Urology nurses have helped so many patients in so many situations, so it’s impossible to describe all that they do and how they positively affect others’ lives.

We are proud of being able to act as an extension of the compassionate care and service of all of the urology nurses, doctors, and associates at their facilities. We encourage our readers to promote this well-deserved week.

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