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180 Medical Honors Urology Nurses and Associates

Happy Urology Nurses and Associates Week from 180 Medical

Urology Nurses and Associates Week is every year in the first week of November. We love to take a moment to emphasize the importance of this week.

About Urology Nurses Week

This week honors all nurses, nursing assistants, and other healthcare workers who have chosen the field of urology. Many specialize in oncology, surgery, continence care, and more. They all serve a crucial role in the healthcare system and work tirelessly to better their patients’ health.

Urology Nurses and Associates Week began as a way to create awareness about the significance of their work. In addition, this week reminds us of those living with conditions such as urinary incontinence, bladder retention, neurogenic bladder, and more.

These nurses work to assuage the fears of their patients when they find out they need to use catheters or incontinence supplies. They offer solutions while providing physical and emotional support and guidance.

180 Medical’s Role in Aiding Urology Nurses

As a leading provider of urological supplies, 180 Medical is uniquely privileged to interact with urology nurses and staff daily.

Here are just a couple of reasons why they choose us and consistently stick with us for patient referrals:

180 Medical is a one-stop referral option.

We understand nurses need a quick and efficient option to send a referral so their patients can obtain the supplies they need. They rely on us, thanks to our diligence to work quickly to process every referral. We verify each patient’s insurance quickly and call them on the same day of the referral within business hours.

If we happen to be out-of-network with the patient’s insurance, we personally handle finding a company that can cover that patient’s needs. We always treat every referral with the kindness and care we’d offer our own family, whether we end up being their supplier or not.

180 Medical offers personalized, compassionate service.

At 180 Medical, we understand that each of our customers has needs that are as unique as themselves. Our Customer Specialists listen and offer kindness to everyone they speak to, knowing that many times they’re dealing with a difficult situation. We work hard to find the right products for their individual needs while working with the urologist and urology nurse’s recommendations and prescriptions.

We also take time to educate patients on how to use a catheter hygienically. In addition, we even offer a step-by-step walk-through of the process of catheterization. This reduces the burden of following up from the referring urology nurses.

Kim, 180 Medical Sales Representative

Celebrating Urology Nurses Everywhere

We’re grateful to all urology nurses, associates, and doctors for choosing 180 Medical. We gladly provide their patients with needed catheter supplies and incontinence supplies with our unparalleled customer service.

180 Medical is proud to act as an extension of their compassionate care and service.

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180 Medical Honors Urology Nurses and Associates
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