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Officer Chad Peery, Not Giving Up

Officer Chad Peery, Not Giving Up

In February of this year, Oklahoma City police officer Chad Peery was off duty having dinner with his father, when three men in the back of the establishment began causing a commotion. The owner requested help getting the three men to leave the building. Peery was off-duty, but as an officer made it his responsibility to help. Tragically, as Chad escorted the men to the door, they turned on him. He was badly beaten and left paralyzed by the incident.

Peery has been in rehabilitation and has been making a remarkable recovery. He believes he will walk again and has always kept a positive attitude and a smile on his face.

Peery recently received a standing ovation when being honored at a local baseball stadium, where he loved to work security as an off-duty police officer. Chad Peery has proven to be a true hometown hero and the city of Oklahoma City has been there with overwhelming support for both him and his family. Peery has four children age 9, 7, 6, and 3.

Below is a video about Peery from his rehabilitation center where he received the 2011 Jim Thorpe Courage Award.

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