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Tag: Inspiring Stories

Tag: Inspiring Stories

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Cooper the Miracle Baby – 180 Medical Community Stories

The 180 Medical Community is full of diverse people of…

Keep Pushing: The Story of Aaron and Peter Berry

Aaron and Peter Berry grew up in Houston, TX, with…

10 Inspirational Quotes for Living With a Spinal Cord Injury

After a devastating injury or illness, it can be difficult…

Amberley Snyder: Back in the Saddle with a Spinal Cord Injury

Chances are, you might have already heard of Amberley Snyder….

January 23rd: The Anniversary of My Spinal Cord Injury

My name is Meena Dhanjal Outlaw. On January 23, 2000,…

Max is Determined to Treat His Disability Like An Ability

In 2006, the Malec family prepared for the arrival of…

Alaina Overcomes Spinal Stroke to Help Others

180 Medical’s College Scholarship Program was started by our founder…

Nothing Short of Miraculous: Marissa’s Victory Over Ulcerative Colitis

In 2012, our founder Todd Brown decided to create a…

Kale’s Battle with Transverse Myelitis Led Him to His Dream Career

Since the inception of 180 Medical’s Annual College Scholarship Program…

Grant’s Spinal Cord Injury Won’t Stop His Dreams

Grant sustained a spinal cord injury that left him quadriplegic at just 15 years old. However, he’s determined to continue growing and learning, no matter what. Find out more about this 2017 180 Medical Scholarship recipient’s goals in our latest blog!

Heidi Overcame Hurdles to Become a Disabilities Advocate

The deadline for the 2018 180 Medical College Scholarship is in less than two months as we continue to introduce the last few of our 2017 scholarship recipients. Meet Heidi and find out about her inspiring career path in our latest blog.

Elizabeth is Determined to Win the Daily Battle Against Her Disability

180 Medical Scholarship Recipient Elizabeth was born with cerebral palsy that left her with many challenges to face and overcome. She has made it her goal to win every daily battle. Find out more about Elizabeth in our latest blog featuring our 2017 Scholarship Recipients.